The "Song of Passing" (昼夜の唄 Chūya no Uta?, Song of Day and Night) is a song from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Link can conduct this song with the Wind Waker. He learns it next to a monument on Windfall Island, where the dancing Tott attempts to change night to day for weeks on end. When Link reveals his Wind Waker to Tott, he suddenly changes his fraying from side to side motion to a dance which seems to illustrate directions for playing the "Song of Passing". Once Link mimics Tott's movements, he acquires the new song, which gives Link the power to turn night to day and vice versa anytime he wishes except during the Endless Night. From daytime, the Song adjusts the time to midnight (0:00); and from nighttime to noon (12:00).

The "Song of Passing" is nearly identical to Ocarina of Time's "Sun's Song", the only differences being the instrumental medium on which they are played and the fact that the notes are not repeated.

The actual pitches of the notes translate as follows: A, F, high D. These notes are the same as the "Sun's Song".

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