The "Song of Birds" (鳥使いの唄 Toritsukai no Uta?, "Birdkeeper's Song") is a song from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This song is learned from a Song Stone in Papuchia Village; when played on the Spirit Flute, it attracts nearby birds including ones with trapezes, allowing Link to use the Whip to attach himself onto one of the birds' trapezes for transportation. It is immediately used to catch the attention of the Lokomo sage Carben. Also, if played near a Dove, the song will cause it to sit on Link's head until he rolls, enters a building or picks up an object. This song can also attract Cuccos and Crows.

The notes of the "Song of Birds" are as follows: Purple, Yellow, Purple. The actual notes are A, G#, A.

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