"Listen, you! With shoes that dirty, you'll never make it to the top!"
— Soal

Soal is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A small boy residing in Hyrule Castle Town, he makes a living by polishing shoes.


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Soal's shoe polishing business has been very lucrative lately due to the celebrated store owner, Chudley, moving to town with his exclusive wares, and ludicrous prices. Because of his snobbish personality, Chudley will not allow anybody with dirty shoes to enter his emporium.

Soal will polish Link's shoes for ten Rupees. The shine lasts until Link either enters the store and exits again, or after some time passes. Leaving the area will also cause the shine to disappear. After Malo Mart buys out Chudley's, Link is able to enter with unclean shoes; however, Soal remains next to the store, still offering to clean his shoes despite the fact that it is no longer required.

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The name "Soal" is a play on the word "sole", as in "shoe sole".

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