Snurglars are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Small, flying elephant-like creatures, Snurglars attack the Spirit Train as it rides by. To prevent this, Link uses the information that he gathered from the villagers at Goron Village, by sounding the train's whistle to stun the enemies, and then proceeding to blast them with the cannon. However, the Snurglars cannot be defeated and can only be temporarily stunned.

Three Snurglars fly around the Mountain of Fire, each holding a key required to enter the Fire Temple. They will continue to fly around even after Link has taken their keys. After the temple has been entered for the first time, the Snurglars disappear.


The name Snurglar is likely a portmanteau of the word 'snatch', and the term burglar, someone who forcibly enters one's home.

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