"...Uh. You look for mirror in such faraway place...But you make good climb! And you lucky to meet me!"

Snowpeak Top is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is the summit of one the mountains in the Snowpeak mountain range.


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After traversing the the icy wasteland that is the Peak Province, Link eventually reaches a cavern that shelters him from the extreme weather in Snowpeak. When he crosses through the cavern and reaches the other side, he exits onto the summit of one of the mountains. Here, a Twilight Portal opens up, and several Shadow Beasts and Ice Keese attack the hero. Once Link deals with all the enemies, the twilight barrier dissipates, and a frozen tree atop a tiny hill can be seen. When Link approaches the tree, he spots a giant Yeti, named Yeto, huddled underneath. If Link rolls into the tree, a giant, frozen leaf falls to the ground and Link can jump on it to follow Yeto to his home in the Snowpeak Ruins.

When Link defeats Blizzeta and obtains the Mirror Shard, he can return to the Snowpeak Top to sled with Yeto and his wife, Yeta, to win a Piece of Heart.

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