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Snowball Bowling, also known as Snowling, is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[3]

Location and Rules[]

The Snowball Bowling Mini-Game is run by Pondo from his Lodge on the Tabantha Frontier. When Link first speaks to Pondo, he is pleased to meet someone new in such a remote place.[4] While he is unable to offer Link a warm welcome, he instead allows him to play Snowball Bowling, a game that he came up with himself.[3] Snowball Bowling is open 24/7 and can be played at any time.[5]

If Link asks how to play, Pondo will explain the rules to him.[6] Pondo will place 10 pins at the foot of the hill.[7] Link must push the Snowball down the hill, aiming to knock over as many of the pins as he can.[8] While the path it takes down the hill is rough, it is guaranteed to knock over any pins it hits.[9] Pondo claims that smashing all the pins at once is the coolest feeling and encourages Link to try.[10]

Pondo asks for 20 Rupees from Link before he can play the game.[2] Once this has been paid, he will go set up the pins.[11] Afterwards, he presents Link with his Snowball, explaining he has two rolls down the hill.[12] He explains that knocking all 10 pins over in one roll is called a strike, but only the best bowlers are capable of it.[13] Next, he shares that Link can get a spare by knocking the pins over in two hits, which is still impressive.[14] Before the game begins, Pondo wishes Link luck.[15]

There are two scenarios in which Link receives no reward from Pondo upon completing his second roll. If Link does not knock over any of the pins, Pondo advises Link to visualize where he is pushing the Snowball. Similarly, if Link knocks down between one and six pins, Pondo notes that such a loss must sting and encourages him to try again.[16]

Pondo will give Link a reward if his score total more than six. For example, when Link knocks down seven or eight pins, Pondo tells him that he was decent and gives him a Red Rupee as a sample.[17] When Link knocks over nine pins, Pondo remarks that he was close and gives him a Purple Rupee as a reward.[18] Should Link get a spare, Pondo will be impressed and gives Link a Silver Rupee for such a feat.[19] If Link gets a strike, Pondo will be pleasantly surprised and initially offers a Blizzard Rod as a prize, which he refers to as a Snowball-making device.[20][note 1] On subsequent strikes, Pondo gives Link a Gold Rupee.[22]

After reviewing Link's score, Pondo asks Link if he would like to try Snowball Bowling again.[23] If Link refuses, Pondo says he loves the pins too much to leave and will be waiting if Link ever wants to return.[24]


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  1. If Link's Weapon Inventory is full, Pondo will instead give him a Gold Rupee.[21]


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