This article is about the Spirit Tracks dungeon. For the dungeon from Majora's Mask, see Snowhead Temple.
Snow Temple Sprite

The Snow Temple, also known as the Blizzard Temple, is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the Snow Realm, it is ice-themed.


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Force Gem (Snow Temple)

The Snow Temple's Force Gem

After obtaining the Snow Realm Rail Map, Link and Zelda are instructed by Anjean to travel to the Snow Temple to defeat the evil inside and restore the Spirit Tracks and the Tower of Spirits. After a visit to the Snow Sanctuary, Link and Zelda find their way blocked by a large blizzard that is impossible to navigate without the correct route. They find Ferrus and look at his map, which has the correct route through the blizzard to the Snow Temple; this map is worn and old, so Link must blow dust off the map. After copying the correct route, Link sets out once again, this time successfully making it through the blizzard and to the Snow Temple.

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Puzzles in the dungeon often involve using the Boomerang on Blue Fire torches to freeze an ice walkway over water, allowing Link to cross to the other side. Fire must be used as well in some puzzles. For example, there is one room where certain torches need to be lit with a certain flame. Also, the Whirlwind from the previous dungeon is used. The dungeon also contains puzzles involving Blocks. The main room of the dungeon has a puzzle involving bells. The Boomerang must be used to ring the bells in a specific order. Other parts of the dungeon include the use of the Boomerang to freeze water and moving certain objects over the frozen water before it breaks.




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