The Sneakstrike is a technique from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link can perform this technique with a melee weapon when he stealthily approach an enemy. It can damage other nearby enemies. The Sneakstrike happens to be as strong as, if not equal to, the Mortal Draw technique. However, Link must be completely unnoticed by his opponent in order to pull this move off. The power also depends on the strength of the weapon that Link is currently equipped with at the time. According to the official guidebook, a Sneakstrike deals 8x damage.

Link can use items and wear Armor that increase stealth to make it easier to sneak up on enemies. It is a perfect way to eliminate enemies that sleep at night, though Link must be careful as Keese, Stalkoblins, Stalmoblins, and Stalizalfos are active at night and attack Link waking up nearby enemies.

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