"It's a Snapper! The way these things move, they never expose the weak part of their body!"

Snappers are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Large, spiky turtles, Snappers are primarily found in the Woods of Mystery and Woodfall Temple. Another can be found within a snowball on the mountain of Snowhead. Snappers attack Link by withdrawing into their thick shells and spinning at him with their spikes extended. Their only weak spot is their soft underbelly. Link can flip a Snapper over using a bomb, the Blast Mask, a pound from his Goron form, or by shooting up from under one using a Deku Flower. When a Snapper has been flipped, it is immobile and can be damaged by normal means for a moment before it flips itself back over.


In Woodfall Temple, a larger Snapper appears as a mini-boss, along with a Gekko. After fighting Link directly, the Gekko will summon a large Snapper from underground and ride on its shell. This Snapper will continue its charges until crashing into a wall. Link can flip it over using the same means as a normal Snapper. This will send the Gekko flying and allow Link to attack it. The Snapper will land right side up and hide in its shell until the Gekko mounts it again. After the Gekko has taken enough damage, it transforms into a member of the Frog Choir, and the Snapper disappears.

Tatl's Note

Tatl Artwork The way these things move, they never expose the weak part of their body!


Snappers are presumably named after snapping turtles.

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