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Snappers are recurring enemies and Sub-Bosses in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Majora's Mask

Tatl's Comment

What?! You don't know?


It's a Snapper! The way these things move, they never expose the weak part of their body! (MM)

It's a Snapper! These things never expose the weak part of their body! (MM3D)

Snappers are turtle-like enemies found in Woodfall Temple and the Woods of Mystery. Their shells provide them with great defense, leaving only their underbellies as their weak spots. They can be beaten with several strategies, including launching from a Deku Flower while as Deku Link to hit them from beneath, flipping them over with Goron Link's punches, or by using a Bomb to blast away their defenses.

Gekko, the Mini-Boss of the Woodfall Temple, rides a giant Snapper. After knocking him off his Snapper, Link must shoot him with the Hero's Bow as he crawls across the ceiling.

Spirit Tracks

Snappers are found as Sub-Bosses of the Ocean Temple. During the first battle, the Snapper captures Link with its whip, which it will use to swing Link around and attempt to punch him. Link must time his attacks so that he swings as he is being pulled toward the Snapper, so that he hits the Snapper before being hit himself. Attempting to move in and attack will cause the Snapper to swing Link around with the Whip and move away.

Once Link has the Whip himself, he can use it to attack Snappers from a distance, with each hit stunning the Snapper. The fastest way to beat one is to stun it with the Whip, then move in and attack while it is stunned. As before, they will attempt to snap or capture Link with their own whips, but are easier to avoid.

Their Whips are identical to Link's Whip.


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