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Smooth Gem
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Main appearance(s)
Containing Queen Oren's powers

The Smooth Gem is an item in A Link Between Worlds.[1] As its name implies, it is characterized by its irresistible smoothness.[2]

Location and Uses

The sprite for the Smooth Gem

The Smooth Gem is a mystical stone used by the Zora Queen, Oren, to contain her powers and prevent herself from growing gigantic.[3]

After Yuga seals Hyrule Castle, Link is able to travel to Zora's Domain, where he discovers that the Queen's gem was stolen by the Shady Guy.[4] Link must track the thief to Kakariko Village and confront him. Explaining that he was unaware of the Smooth Gem's importance, the Shady Guy gives Link the Pegasus Boots out of remorse,[5] but is unable to return the Smooth Gem because he has already sold it to the Street Merchant.[6] In order to return it to Oren, Link must purchase it for 200 Rupees and present it to her in Zora's Domain. Afterwards, Oren rewards him with the Zora's Flippers out of gratitude.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese スベスベ石
Canada FrenchCA Gemme polie
French Republic FrenchEU Pierre toute Douce
Federal Republic of Germany German Schmeichelstein
Italian Republic Italian Pietra liscia
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Gema pulida


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