"Appears in Minish dungeons. They drop from the ceiling unexpectedly. They are slow, so take your time, and defeat them one by one."

Sluggulas are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. These slug-like enemies are first found in the Deepwood Shrine and are very similar to Torch Slugs. Sluggulas consist of a fat, yellow body that is pointed at the back end, with two eye stalks and a protruding mouth at the front. They have two blue stripes across their backs; their undersides, only seen when they have just dropped from the ceiling, are grey. Sluggulas crawl slowly, leaving a short trail of white, quickly fading slime behind them.

Link vs giant slug

Link preparing to attack a Sluggula

When Link enters a room, all of the Sluggulas within will be either on the ground or clinging to the ceiling, out of sight. Those on the ground crawl around at random, even when Link attacks them. The ones on the ceiling wait for Link to walk directly underneath them before dropping. They always land upside-down and wiggle on their backs briefly before rolling over onto their stomachs. Thereafter they behave in exactly the same way as the Sluggulas that began on the ground. Some Sluggulas try to land on Link while he is in the water; however this will cause their deaths as they cannot swim.

If Link bumps into a Sluggula or one lands on his head, he takes a quarter of a heart of damage. They can be killed with one swipe from Smith's Sword when they are upside-down or with two swipes when they are upright. Alternatively, one swipe of the Four Sword will kill an upright Sluggula.

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