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The Sludge Like (TotK) is a Boss in Tears of the Kingdom that ambushes Link and Sidon at Mipha Court.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

Entry No. --- (000) Sludge Like
These sludge-loving Like Likes are nightmarishly mobile. They ooze sludge, and they use that sludge to move around, sometimes creeping into areas that other types of Like Likes tend to avoid. As if that weren't enough, they also spew sludge out of their maws to slow and capture prey.
Common Locations
Lanayru Great Spring
Recoverable Materials

The Sludge Like is a Like Like covered in sludge. When the sludge is cleared off, it can be seen to have purple coloration around its mouth rather than green. It is capable of spewing out sludge at long ranges that deal about 4-6 hearts of damage. It is resistant to all attacks until you wash off the sludge. It will then burrow into the ground and resurface completely covered in sludge again.

Attack on King Dorephan[]

Sometime after The Upheaval occurred and the sludge contaminated Zora's Domain, sludge monster attacked King Dorephan, although he managed to fend it off, he was severely wounded from the sludge and leading him to retreat to the Pristine Sanctum to recover. It is believed that this monster was the Sludge Like.

Attack on Mipha Court[]

In Mipha Court, after Yona convinces Sidon to assist Link in investigating the sludge contaminating Zora's Domain and the surrounding region, the Sludge Like emerges from the ground and ambushes the group. Link and Sidon fight it together. It is covered in sludge, which makes it invulnerable. It attacks by firing balls of sludge around the area, which create sludge on the ground that impedes Link's movement. The sludge balls can be blocked with a shield or parried, though parrying them will not reflect them. Using Sidon's Power or any other water-based attack such as opals or chuchu jelly thrown or fused to an arrow, the Sludge can be cleared from the Sludge Like's body. It will continue attacking, but it will now become vulnerable after attacking, revealing it's uvula-like weak point similar to other Like Likes. Attacking this weak point will stun the Sludge Like and you can continue attacking the weak spot like any other Like Like until the Sludge Like regenerates its sludge and moves to a new position. Repeat until you defeat it, at which point it will drop a chest containing a Royal Claymore, though the once-powerful weapon is decayed.



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