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The Slippery Falcon is a shop in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It consist of two related branches, the initial store has been founded at Rito Village by Misa. After Link has completed the side quest "From the Ground Up" and recruited him, Fyson, the son of Misa, founds a new branch at Tarrey Town. The stores have different selections but both sell Arrows and Bomb Arrows.


In conversations with Fyson at Rito Village, Link can learn that he wanted his own shop to stock what he preferred. He and is mother disagreed on the items to sell as shown by the different selections between their respective shops. Misa proposes some cooking ingredients along with normal and bomb arrows, while Fyson proposes several types of arrows and Ancient Gears.

Rito Village

"We carry just about everything-from items for self-defense to everyday groceries. By all means, please peruse the book of recipes there, and buy some of our fine ingredients!"
Breath of the Wild Cook Books Misa's Recipe Book (Rito Town Slippery Falcon)

Misa's Recipe Book

The Slippery Falcon's flagship store located at Rito Village is the General Store run by Misa who sells arrows and ingredients. Inside the shop, the Misa's Recipe Book contains recipes for Apple Pie, Nutcake, and Fried Bananas.


Item Price
Bomb Arrow x5 200
Cane Sugar 12
Goat Butter 12
Sunshroom 16
Tabantha Wheat 12

Tarrey Town

The Tarrey Town branch serves as the general store. He sells several types of arrows as well as an Ancient Gear.


Item Price
Ancient Gear 120
Arrow x10 35
Bomb Arrow x10 350
Fire Arrow x10 140
Ice Arrow x10 140
Shock Arrow x10 140

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