"NEENER NEENER! You can't find me! NYAH NYAH!"
— Slime Eyes

Slime Eye (デグゾル Degu Zoru?, Dig Zol) is the Nightmare and boss of Key Cavern, the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Slime Eyes appears to be two eyes fused into one.


Once Link enters this Nightmare's room, he must ram the walls to bring Slime Eyes down from the ceiling. He then has to repeatedly strike it in the eye with his sword until striking it has no effect and use the Pegasus Boots to run straight at it to make it split into two eyes.

After Link strikes one of the eyes, Slime Eyes will jump up and appear somewhere else in the room. Link should then follow the shadow and strike it as it lands. When both are defeated, Link will be able to retrieve the Sea Lily's Bell.

If Link's wallet is empty, he can kill the small Zols that appear for easy Rupees.


Slime Eyes (Link's Awakening)

Slime Eyes (Link's Awakening)

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