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The Sliding Picture Puzzle is a Minigame in The Wind Waker.[1]


The puzzle can only be accessed when the Cabana Deed has been obtained from Mrs. Marie on Windfall Island. The puzzle images seem to be screenshots of The Wind Waker with added graphics filters, most notably an outline edge detection filter. Frames from several cutscenes in the game appear among the puzzle images.

The Minigame is available at the Private Oasis of the Great Sea. After Link gains access to the house, he can find a scrambled picture. The Minigame starts when Link checks the picture and tells the Butler that he would like to play "the amusements of nobility."[2]


The Minigame works like a real life sliding puzzle. A picture is cut into a 4×4 grid and jumbled. The objective is to slide the pieces around to recreate the original image.[3] The missing piece will always be in the top right hand corner.[4] After completing an image, 50 Rupees will fall to the floor and one of the 16 bulbs to the left of the puzzle will light up, indicating the number of levels completed. Link must leave and reenter the house after completing a puzzle in order to play the next one. Completing all 16 puzzles grants a 200 Rupee reward, giving a grand total of 950 Rupees to be won from this game. After completing the final puzzle, the game starts again from the beginning; the first puzzle can be attempted again.

The 16 Puzzles[]


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