"Husband love sled, he make me race lots, uh."

Sledding is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a downhill race in which frozen leaves from a nearby tree are used as "sleds" to access the Snowpeak Ruins. Its starting point is the top of Snowpeak; the course contains many hazards such as pits, trees and a broken rope bridge. Despite its name, the mini-game has more in common with snowboarding than traditional real-life sledding. It is one of a select number of mini-games throughout the series that have to be completed as part of the playthrough.

When Link reaches the mountain peak for the first time, he spots a giant Yeti named Yeto huddled beneath a frozen tree. If Link rolls into the tree, a giant, frozen leaf falls from it, and Link can jump on the leaf to follow Yeto down the mountain to his home, the Snowpeak Ruins. Once Link defeats Blizzeta in the Ruins and breaks the spell on Yeto's wife Yeta, he can find the two at the Snowpeak Top where Link can race against both of them in order to win a prize.

The first race is against Yeto, and it is virtually the same as the first trip down the mountain. If Link successfully beats the Yeti, he congratulates the hero, and Link has the option to travel back to Snowpeak Top and challenge Yeta. This race is more challenging, as Yeta is faster than Yeto and takes several shortcuts. Unlike Yeto, Yeta slides on her stomach rather than a frozen leaf. If Link manages to beat her, she gives him a Piece of Heart as a reward. Link can use his sword while on the frozen leaf to defeat any Ice Keese that appear, or to make Yeto and Yeta spin out.

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