"I can't read any book written in Sky letters... Well, I guess you just have to ask that guy to read it for you."

Sky Writing is the written language of the Oocca in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Shad appears to be the only non-Oocca in the game able to read Sky Writing. To complete the Ancient Sky Book, Shad asks Link to go to the locations he marked on his map and find the six missing Sky Writing characters scattered throughout Hyrule. Each character is found underneath an Owl Statue that must be moved with the Dominion Rod. The Sky Characters are copied into the book when Link collects them. No actual translations of the Sky Writing are ever shown, but the writing is seen a few times in the game. They are then used to unlock the seal on the owl statue in the Sanctuary's basement, to find the Sky Cannon.


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Sky Writing is similar to Hylian writing, meaning some of the language the Hylians learned may have been adopted from the Oocca.

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