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The Sky Whale, also referred to as the Eyefish, is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Along with the Big Eye Plant, it is one of the only two mini-bosses fought at sea. It resembles a large floating purple and black whale with four tentacle-like fins, large lips, a horned nose, and six eyes.

It is encountered when Link sails into the waters of the southeastern sea for the first time. When he sails toward Goron Island, a large cyclone appears and pulls the S.S. Linebeck into the sky, making the screen black out. As visual contact is re-established, Linebeck tells Link that the the ship's engine has been soaked and needs time to dry. While they are stuck, the Sky Whale appears.


The Sky Whale has three attacks: sending yellow balls of energy towards Link which can be destroyed with the cannon, sending Eyeball Monsters, and swooping down and ramming the side of the ship. This attack is unfortunately unavoidable. However, if it has its mouth open as it swoops down to ram into the S.S. Linebeck, a bomb can be shot at it to make it retreat. The only way to defeat it is to hit its eyes with the cannon. Each eye will turn pink after being hit once, and then close after being hit twice. Once all eyes are hit twice, the creature will fall into the ocean.


Sky Whale (Phantom Hourglass)

Sky Whale (Phantom Hourglass)

In the manga

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The Sky Whale makes a very brief appearance as the monster that attacked Jolene's ship.

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