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Sky Islands are a series of Islands floating above Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, which were absent in Breath of the Wild.


The Sky Islands feature more familiar Zonai architecture, such as stone dragon heads, similar to the Zonai ruins found in Breath of the Wild, but also feature architecture not previously seen such as stone bridges, inverted stone pillars (beginning thin at the ground and rising to be thick at the top) and Lotus Flower imagery found in green glowing lamps on more regular stone pillars. The Sky Islands are one location in which Constructs appear, which drop Zonai Charges when defeated. The plant life on the Sky Islands appears yellow in colouration, as though it were autumn, which is unlike the plant life in the rest of Hyrule. The only exception appears to be large green Lily pads, floating in at least one of the lakes.

The minimap now displays latitude, longitude and altitude displays. While the surface around the Duelling Peaks has an altitude of around ~20, the Duelling Peaks have an altitude of ~400 and the closest Sky Island above the Duelling Peaks has an altitude of ~500. Despite being so far up, snow only seems to form on the higher altitudes and Link does not take environmental damage on the lower altitudes, whereas in Breath of the Wild, standing atop the peak of the Duelling Peaks requires him to wear one layer of cold resistance to prevent taking environmental damage.

On some islands, gravity is substantially reduced, allowing Link to jump higher and farther.

The Light Dragon can be seen roaming the skies above Hyrule.[1]

List of Sky Islands[]


  • During development, more sky islands were planned, but the idea was scrapped because the devs were afraid it would make the sky feel less free.


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