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This article is about the Enemy in Skyward Sword. For similar terms, see Guardian (Disambiguation).
Sky Guardian
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Sky Guardians are enemies in Skyward Sword.[1]


Sky Guardians are flying Guardians who serve Hylia and protect Silent Realms from intruders in order to test Link's Courage, Wisdom, and Power. Sky Guardians are cloaked enemies that wield dual hatchets. Sky Guardians remain dormant in their Silent Realms until intruders trespass outside of the protective circles of Trial Gates.[2] When awoken, Sky Guardians will immediately give chase toward Link, regardless of his position and whether he is in sight or range of them. Because they can hover above the ground, they can maneuver around various objects and obstacles, allowing them to chase after Link much more easily than Earth Guardians.

Sky Guardians can be rendered dormant by collecting Sacred Tears, which also warps them back to their resting location for a period of 90 seconds.[3] Even when Sky Guardians are rendered dormant, they can be awoken by various factors, such as Link treading through Waking Water or by Link being caught by a Watcher.[4] If a Sky Guardian manages to catch Link, it will strike him with its hatchets, shattering his spirit and causing him to fail his trial.[5]


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