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Skullwalltulas are recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda series. They are found prevalently in dungeons. Closely related to Skulltulas, they cling to climbable walls, such as vines, where they serve as obstacles and enemies simultaneously. If Link attempts to climb the wall before killing them, the Skullwalltula will glow purple once they spot him. If he does not stop moving at this time, the Skullwalltula will charge him, knocking him off the wall. It is possible to get around one by waiting for it to turn around and face another direction.

Skullwalltulas can be effectively killed with most ranged weapons, including the Hookshot. If Link ventures close to the wall they are climbing on and uses the Megaton Hammer, the shockwaves will knock them off, killing them. Interestingly, if Link continually uses the Megaton Hammer attack after knocking a Skullwalltula off the wall, the Skullwalltula will continually repeat its death sequence, allowing Link to "juggle" its body.

In most releases of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, only a single Skullwalltula appears, in a Hidden Hole beneath Termina Field. In the Japanese version of the game only, additional Skullwalltulas appear in a Hidden Hole beneath the Inner Palace Garden. This Hidden Hole is one of two removed from later versions of the game, which originally needed to be traversed to reach the Hidden Hole containing the Bean Seller.

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