"You borrowed a Skull Mask. Wear it with (C) to show it off! You feel like a monster while you wear this mask!"
Skull Kid

The Skull Mask is a mask from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Skull Mask is one of the masks Link has to sell during the Happy Mask side quest. Link can borrow it from the Happy Mask Shop after he has sold the Keaton Mask to the soldier in Kakariko Village. The Skull Kid is willing to purchase the Skull Mask in the Lost Woods for 10 Rupees.

Wearing the Skull Mask will cause Keese to avoid attacking Link. Also, it will upgrade the amount of Deku Sticks Link can carry, Link must wear the Skull Mask in front of a bunch of Deku Scrubs in a hidden Hidden Hole in the Lost Woods, known as the Forest Stage (there is a bug that causes this to not work if Link does this after he obtains the Poacher's Saw).

Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga

Though it is never identified as such, Mido carves a mask nearly identical to the Skull Mask in one of the side stories of the Ocarina of Time manga. It is for a play the Kokiri are putting on as part of a festival honoring the Great Deku Tree's production of new fairies, as Mido was cast as the role of the main villain. However, after showing his bravery by defeating the Baga Tree, Link, having being cast as the hero, agrees to switch parts with Mido and takes the mask instead. After the end of the play, Skull Kid, having previously been offered the hero's mask, takes the Skull Mask instead.

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