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Skullkids are a race of cursed people that reside within the Lost Woods. According to local legend, if someone from outside the realm of the woods enters the forest and loses their way, they will gradually turn into either a Stalfos if they are an adult, or a skullkid if they are a child. It's something about the magic of the Lost Woods that soon drives their physical appearance away if they are lost (Hence the Ocarina of Time sign near the Lost Woods, "Those who get lost in these woods don't keep their friendly face for long!"). Skullkids themselves look similar to small Hylians, except that their skin is made out of wood, their eyes are glowing yellow, and they have a beak instead of a mouth (although the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess version of skullkids do appear to have a mouth). Although Skullkids tend to like to wear masks over their faces, the majority of them do not. While skullkids are friendly to younger Hylians, they show a fear towards adults and will attack them on sight. The most famous member of this race is the Skull Kid that stole Majora's Mask.

Notable Skullkids:

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