Skull Kid's Trumpet is a instrument used by the mischievous Skull Kid in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and the non-canon Link's Crossbow Training. He uses it primarily to play music and to summon (as well as presumably to control) his Puppets.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Skull Kid (Twilight Princess)

Skull Kid uses his trumpet to summon a never ending series of Puppets he uses to attack Link/Wolf Link during his two visits to the Sacred Grove. However despite its ability to summon Puppets continuously, it is also Skull Kid's weakness, as Link/Wolf Link can use the song of Saria's Song that Skull Kid plays on the horn to track him down throughout the Sacred Grove (similar to how he finds the correct path in the Lost Woods to the Sacred Forest Meadow in Ocarina of Time) during both his initial visit to obtain the Master Sword and his subsequent visit to reach the Temple of Time.

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Other appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Skull Kid again uses his trumpet to summon Puppets Link shoots with his Crossbow in the Sacred Grove: Defender stage.

Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends

Majora/Skull Kid uses his trumpet to summon Puppets during both his Strong Attack and Weak Point Smash just like his Twilight Princess incarnation.

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