"The gloomy Skull Woods were described by many as a maze of bones, trees and gaping holes. Thick foliage and huge skulls on the forest floor caused many adventurers to retreat quickly. Those who stayed discovered that skulls and holes led to Mothula's underground dwelling."
A Link to the Past guide

The Skeleton Forest, also mentioned as the Skull Woods, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This large forest is located in the northwestern region of the Dark World and is the Dark World's equivalent of the Lost Woods. Unlike the Lost Woods, however, all of the trees are the grim Dark World trees, and instead of logs are the spines of massive creatures.

Skull Woods, the third Dark World dungeon that Link encounters in his quest to rescue the Seven Maidens, can be found here. The dungeon's main treasure is the Fire Rod, and its boss is Mothula. Interestingly, the dungeon has several entrances above ground.



The Skull Woods mention in the A Link to the Past guide

This region is usually referred to Skull Woods in various guides and magazines (which is likely the reason why the sequel A Link Between Worlds also calls the forest of Lorule the "Skull Woods" or "Skull Woods Region"). The name "Skeleton Forest' is mentioned on a sign in the game.

The greater Skull Woods region actually extends out to the Item Shop to the east just, and down to the Woods Entrance (just north of the Village of Outcasts), the Fortune Teller to the southeast, and the cave with the Bumpers and the heart piece.

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