"The castle's keep, which is known as Ganon's Tower, is protected by six evil barriers. Bring down the six barriers and save Princess Zelda!!"

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The Six Evil Barriers are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Found Inside Ganon's Castle, they create a forcefield that prevents Link from entering the center tower until he dispels all of them. Each barrier is centered around one of the six temples of Hyrule: Light, Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit. Because of this, each designated barrier area is reminiscent of said temples (the only exception being the Water Barrier which more closely resembles the Ice Cavern than the Water Temple).

After Link passes the tests in any particular barrier area, he comes to the chamber containing the energy ball that is fueling the barrier. Using the Light Arrows, Link shoots the energy ball, thus allowing the corresponding Sage to enter the castle and destroy the object's power. Once Link dispels all six barriers, the forcefield preventing entry to the center tower vanishes, and Link can proceed onward to the trials that lay ahead. The Light section also has a test which involves using Lens of Truth.

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