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Six-Eye Reef is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Comment:
TWWHD Fishman Artwork.png
Six-Eye Reef
"They've got a shop over there on Windfall Island- a nice outdoor shop! Did you know that, small fry? And in that shop they've got this really fine safe that looks to be brimming full with riches...and they just leave it sitting outside--day and night! I tell you, one of these days that thing is going to get hauled off by a thief! Mark my words, fry! Of course, if I were to find a thief in the act of thieving, I'd stop the perpetrator right there and catch the rat red-handed! I'm sure if I did, the owner of that shop would thank me. Yeah, he'd be happy. ...That would be the honest thing to do!"
Tingle's Comment:
TWW Tingle Tuner Face Sprite.png
Six-Eye Reef
"You're taking a tiny ship into water that rough? Mr. Fairy, you're brave. Or... Are you just stupid?"

Six-Eye Reef is a minor island located in the center of the Great Sea and east of Cyclops Reef, at D4. It has one large square reef and six smaller round reefs in the center, giving it its name. After the Helmaroc King is defeated in Forsaken Fortress, Warships and wall-mounted Cannons will appear at the island. When Link destroys all of them, a Treasure Chest appears containing a Treasure Chart that leads to the Octo Chart.

In the waters nearby, Link can board a Submarine, defeat the three Moblins inside, and obtain a Piece of Heart.

Minor Enemies and Traps


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  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 260
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