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Sir Raven is a Knight of Hyrule in service to Queen Ambi in the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa.[2]


Sir Raven is first seen confronting Link after he defends a villager and attacks Queen Ambi's knights. Link duels the knight only to realize he is much stronger, causing him to flee.[3] Dashing ahead of him, Raven knocks the hero unconscious and carries him to a dungeon cell. Queen Ambi thanks him for his service, claiming that protecting her tower's construction is the same as defending her.[4] Nayru, who is possessed by Veran, tells the queen that Link should be put to death.[5] Sir Raven proposes that a gentler punishment should be issued since Link is a child.[6] He is silenced by the possessed oracle and bows humbly.[7] Raven is then dismissed.[8]

Using a fishhook,[9] Link escapes from his cell and follows Raven. Both Raven and his steed Puini sense the young hero following them.[10] Having observed Queen Ambi and Nayru, he is bothered that Ambi is a puppet to the Oracle of Ages, who appears to be pure yet displays cruelty.[11] He wishes to inform his allies about this but decides to focus on Link first.[12] Once Link finds Raven, he is startled to see him calmly fishing despite his presence.[13] Suddenly a fish takes hold of Raven's line and he calls for Link to get a net.[14] Raven remarks on the fish being healthy and nutritious[15] and extracts the hook from its mouth. Link notices that it is the same type of fishhook he used to free himself, wondering whether Raven left it behind on purpose.[16] Sir Raven asks what Link had meant about Queen Ambi being influenced.[17] Sir Raven spins around and holds his sword blade to Link's throat.[18] The knight says Link has some skill but still has much to learn.[19] Link asks if Raven would hurt an unarmed opponent.[20] Realizing Link has a point, he releases him. Raven asks Link to come with him[21] and leads the hero to the Hidden Village.[22] When Raven, Link, and Puini enter the village, a young girl named Roperi comes to tell Raven that the seed he gave her sprouted.[23] Although, she is not able to since Raven needs to check the fields and he asks her to watch Link.[24] Roperi reveals that Raven is from Hyrule and not Labrynna, and that he had been on a journey to improve his swordsmanship.[25] She also states that he knows everything about medicine, how to grow strange crops, and whatever is happening in town, along with the fact he will talk with anyone, even a village girl.[26] Roperi says that because of his skill with a sword, he attracted Queen Ambi's attention and started working at the castle, claiming he is a model knight.[2] Hearing this, Link realizes Raven was in a portrait at his home of his family's ancestor, meaning he is Link is his descendant.[27] As Sir Raven returns and leads Link to the village's elder, Link wonders what would have happened if he won his battle with Raven and killed him.[28] After giving the elder the fish he had caught,[29] Raven decides that if he must he will kill Nayru[30] even at the cost of his life.[31][32] Link panics and tells Raven that even if he tried she would kill him first, knowing he too would die if Raven was slayed.[33] Raven thanks Link for his concern and leads him outside.[34] Link observes Raven's dedication and love for the villagers.[35] Link spots Roperi and greets her.[36] She trips while staring at him and drops the plant Raven had given her. Angrily she blames Link.[37] The girl brightens after Link picks up her plant and Raven compliments her work.[38] Entering a weapon shack, Raven explains how he saved the villagers from execution.[39] Link says Veran will execute the knight if she finds out.[40] Raven stares at Link with a stony expression. Because prosperity is within their grasp, Raven refuses to let Veran ruin it on her own selfish whim.[41] The two knights then agree to work together against Veran.[42]

While Raven and Link examine Queen Ambi's tower, Raven asks if Nayru or Veran have any weaknesses.[43] Link says Ralph may know of Nayru's but without the Harp of Ages he cannot be contacted.[44] Link hesitantly asks Sir Raven if he has ever fought in a battle.[45] Raven answers yes and that he was in service to the Hyrulean throne and has fought on many battlefields.[46] Link exclaims that Raven must be a great warrior.[47] Raven says battles do not make one great, as those who live by the sword usually die young, never gaining true strength by gathering experience.[48] Link questions what is so important about being strong.[49] Smiling, Raven says he wants to protect what is important to him, the Hidden Village and the people he loves.[50] A villager comes and informs Raven about a riot among the tower's workers.[51] Raven leaves to quell the violence,[52] Link accompanying him so he can enter the castle.[53] Roperi wishes to go with them as she is worried about her father,[54] but is told to stay behind by Raven because her plant will need to be repotted soon.[55] Raven brings Link to the castle, gives him a sword, and leaves.[56] Link somehow feels familiar to him, yet he does not know why.[57] One of Veran's spies view Raven speaking with Roperi's father during the rebellion and reports back.[58] Releasing Nayru momentarily, Veran follows Raven to the Hidden Village and possesses Ralph. Using her new host, the sorceress learns of Raven's bloodline connection to Link.[59] She also leans Raven has Mystery Seeds,[60] her fatal weakness.[61] After the men prepare to attack their enemies the next day, Veran uses Ralph to burn the Mystery Seeds while they sleep. Releasing him, she summons Ramrock to attack the village.[62] After Link kills the monster, Raven sees a bow is aimed at the boy and pushes him out of the way, resulting in the knight being wounded. Despite orders to capture him alive, Queen Ambi's army decides to kill Raven on the spot.[63] Sir Raven rebukes the knights for abusing the weak and never turning against their real enemy, blindly serving a tyrant with no thought.[64] He continues by stating that being a knight is not just a title but a code to guide you through life.[65] The soldiers advance on Raven but he manages to defeat them with only one good arm.[66][67] Threatening to shoot the villagers,[68] the knights convince Raven to surrender and come with them. Link starts to fade away, since if Raven is executed his entire family line will vanish.[69] With Ralph and Puini, Link rushes to save Sir Raven before it is too late.

Just before the executioner beheads Raven, Link and Ralph interfere. The two defend Raven as the townspeople, who are now armed, begin attacking.[70] As the guards hesitate to kill Raven, Veran uses her host Nayru to charge at him with a spear,[71] except she is stopped by Link.[72] Link convinces Queen Ambi to halt construction on the tower, causing the town to rejoice. Enraged, Veran leaves Nayru and instead possesses Ambi, ordering the guards to seize Link, Ralph, and Raven.[73][74] Luckily, Nayru awakens in time to teleport the group to modern day Labrynna.[75] Forming a plan, Nayru transports them back to Labrynna's past and reveals that Roperi's sprout is actually a young Mystery Tree, which will produce Veran's weakness, Mystery Seeds.[76] Nayru uses her powers and the Harp of Ages to speed the tree's growth,[77] yet Ralph goes by himself to confront Ambi and Veran. Alarmed, Nayru explains that Ralph is Queen Ambi's descendant,[78] so if she is killed he will disappear. Once the tree finally produces a Mystery Seed, Raven and Link mount Puini and race to the tower. Link launches the Mystery Seed at Ambi, forcing Veran out of the noble. Now in her true form, Veran attacks Link. Link tells Raven to get Ambi to safety,[79] which the knight does, returning to Link afterwards. Sir Raven arrives to see Link captured by a dying Veran. He cuts Link from her grasp and together the knights finish her off.[80] Despite their efforts, Veran sends a final lamentation to the Twinrova, igniting the Flame of Sorrow.[81] Sacrificing themselves, the Twinrova resurrect Ganon. Ganon destroys the tower, sending Raven, Link, and Ralph plummeting. The heroes are saved by Link's Triforce.[82] With the aid of Queen Ambi's army and the villagers,[83][84] Link, Ralph, and Raven defeat the beast. Raven calls all the villagers heroes,[85] the elder in turn answering that they had followed Raven's example.[86] Queen Ambi apologizes and asks Raven to stay a while longer as a knight of her realm.[87] He bows respectfully as his answer. Before Link returns to his own time, Raven bids him farewells and tells him to take care.[88] Link says he is going to train harder to become a real knight like him, remembering what he said about being a knight is more than a title.[89] Raven says Link has already surpassed him and he is proud to have a descendant like him.[90] The young hero is astonished the knight figured out their connection. Sir Raven tells Link to become a fine knight as Nayru returns Ralph, Link, and herself back to their own time.[91]

When Link returns home he again sees the portrait of Raven, remarking on how he looks more regal and that he himself probably helped with that.[92]




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