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Sir Combsly
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Sir Combsly is a servant of King Tuft in Tri Force Heroes.[3]


Sir Combsly is the commander of the Witch-Hunting Brigade of Hytopia.[4] He once had a slickback hairstyle, but it has since collapsed.[5]

After Link is spotted by Madame Couture's Assistant and recognized to have the same features as the fabled Tri Force Heroes, he is sent to meet with Sir Combsly in Hytopia Castle. Sir Combsly recruits him into the Witch-Hunting Brigade upon seeing that his features perfectly match the Heroes' description.[6][7] He gives him some Hytopian Silk so he can tailor his uniform, the Hero Tunic, at Madame Couture's.[8]

Sir Combsly will congratulate Link whenever he opens a new Area of the Drablands. After completing the Woodlands Area, he will inform Link that he has been summoned by King Tuft. Link can also speak with Sir Combsly whenever he wishes to change his name that is displayed during multiplayer.

After the Links defeat Lady Maud and craft The Lady's Ensemble needed to lift Styla's curse, Link enters the castle wearing the outfit, but Sir Combsly does not recognize him at first.[9] Madame Couture had told him of the outfit earlier, and he tells Link to lift the curse off of Styla right away. After Styla's lift is cursed, the town holds a big celebration. Sir Combsly demonstrates his strength during the celebration by lifting both King Tuft and Link, forming a Totem. After the festivities are over, he tells Link the next time he sees him he should go see King Tuft for his promised reward.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Sir Combsly
Japan Japanese オールバック卿 (Ōrubakku Kyō) Possibly "Lord Allback," referencing his hairstyle
Similar in nature to the term "slickback"
Canada FrenchCA Général Coudepeigne From "coup de peigne" (breezy haircut)
French Republic FrenchEU Général Gomina General Gomina
Federal Republic of Germany German Graf Schnöselschick Earl Schnöselschick
Italian Republic Italian Generale Pompadour General Pompadour
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Sir Gribeldi



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