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Sing is a character from the Legend of Zelda animated series. Hailing from a distant land, Sing comes to Hyrule after Ganon steals her pet unicorn.

In the episode "Sing for the Unicorn", Ganon uses a mysterious flying unicorn to kidnap King Harkinian from a tower of Hyrule Castle. Link and Princess Zelda give chase, but fall into a hole on the way to Ganon's hideout. Here they fight several Stalfos, but seem to be in over their head. Out of nowhere, however, a mysterious ninja appears and defeats the remaining Stalfos. With them gone, the ninja turns on Link, but Zelda grabs the figure while Link removed its mask, revealing a young woman. The woman does not speak Hylian, but Princess Zelda manages to decipher that her name is Sing, she is from a distant land and that she has come to Hyrule to rescue her stolen unicorn. Following this verbal exchange, the three continue onward and reach Ganon's hideout where King Harkinian is being held captive. After fighting off various Moblins and other enemies, the three find the unicorn and uncover the hidden chamber where Ganon plans to drop King Harkinian into the Endless Pit. Right when this happens, King Harkinian is dropped into the pit, but Sing steers her unicorn downward and catches King Harkinian, saving his life. With Ganon's plan foiled, Link, Princess Zelda and King Harkinian return to Hyrule Castle while Sing departs for her homeland.

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