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TotK Silver Horroblin Model

Basic Info:

Silver horriblin is a very fearsome enemy if you encountered one, it has a lot of agility to climb around walls, it has many health and some high damage outputs. You won't met one only if you completed a specific amount of progress in the game.

You won't have to worry about facing this guy and dying to him at the early game, its horn drop is also very powerful and valuable to get, so don't miss the opportunity to take one down.


To beat such a agile opponent, a easy way to beat it is by keep using a wing shield to jump and go into slow motion to headshot him, and then take your chance to beat it quickly.

A easier way to beat him is by throwing fire fruit at him, it will burn him down and gives you the chance of dealing damage, its easy to miss him though so take your time throwing at him.