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Silver Darknuts,(TMC)[1] also known as Darknuts,(TWW | TWWHD)[1] and Dark Nuts,(TMC)[2] are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.


The Wind Waker

Darknut (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Darknut Figurine Model.png
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Spoils: Knight's Crest

These mighty knights are protected by heavy-duty armor. Rather than attacking from the front, it might be best to slip around behind them and cut their armor off.
Tingle's Comment:
TWW Tingle Tuner Face Sprite.png
"Oh! A Darknut!

Cut off his armor with your parry attack! ♥"
TWW Darknut Artwork.png
Darknut from The Wind Waker

Darknuts wield thick-bladed flamberges and wear strong armor, they are one of the most difficult enemies. The Darknut is also resourceful. If it drops its sword, it can pick up fallen weapons, such as a Moblin's polearm, or engage in hand-to-hand combat. They also tend to perform the Great Spin attack if they see Link charging said attack. Another thing that makes unarmored Darknuts difficult to fight is that they cannot be attacked normally as they can dodge Link's sword and the Grappling Hook. These unarmored Darknuts use counterattacks that can take two full Hearts of health if landed. Their martial arts skills are formidable; unarmed Darknuts attack with either a flurry of quick karate chops or a spinning jump kick that can send Link reeling. Underneath their helmet, they resemble a humanoid Doberman Pinscher but with a more felid snout and nose. Finding a Darknut normally means the presence of the enemy scenario.

Link performing a Parry attack on an armorless Darknut

Its only weak point is its back, where a seam in its armor leaves it vulnerable. The best way to deal with these powerful enemies is the Parry Attack, which avoids the sword and allows easy removal of the helmet or armor.[3] Depending on where the hit landed, either its body armor or helmet falls off, leaving either their head vulnerable to a boomerang, or their body open to sword hits. Darknut armor can also be destroyed by repeated sword strikes, but this strategy is hazardous.

Darknuts in this game have varying armor, which may denote ranks. The armor colors are silver, gold, black and red. Most Darknuts use round bucklers, although there are some that do not. Highly ranked black and red armored Darknuts sometimes wear differently shaped helmets. It will also be revealed that they have a beard and doberman-like features if Link removes the helmet with a parry technique. Darknuts are also the only enemy to carry Knight's Crests with them. Once the main body armor is off, Link can use the Grappling Hook to steal them. Knight's Crests can also be collected from Treasure Spheres that appear after Darknuts are defeated. Collecting ten Crests and taking them to Orca on Outset Island will earn Link the right to learn the Hurricane Spin.

The first Darknut fought in the game serves as a mini-boss in Tower of the Gods, and it guards the Hero's Bow. It should also be mentioned that shooting Light Arrows at a Darknut will instantly kill it, even if it is fully armored. This suggests that Darknuts are followers, or perhaps even creations of, Ganondorf, seeing as regular, fire, and ice arrows will simply bounce off a Darknut's armor.

The Minish Cap

Dark Nut (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Dark Nut Figurine Sprite.png
Dark Nut
Appears in Castor Wilds.
These armor-clad soldiers are tough.
Use your shield and rolling skills to
find an opening in their defenses...

Silver Darknuts appear in red-tinged and green-tinged versions in The Minish Cap, though they are otherwise identical in terms of behavior. They are the weakest form of Darknuts in the game. One is found in Castor Wilds, guarding a Chest that contains one of the golden Kinstone Pieces. Another is found in the Fortress of Winds; defeating it reveals a blue Portal. Several are found inside Dark Hyrule Castle, appearing after the first Black Knight is defeated.



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