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This article is about the Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild. For the item it's named after, see Silent Princess.
Silent Princess
BotW Silent Princess
Number Recovered Memory #9
Main Quest "Captured Memories"
Location Northeast of Royal Ancient Lab Ruins
Previous MemoryNext Memory
"A Premonition""Mipha's Touch"

"Silent Princess" is the ninth Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Recovered Memory can be unlocked by travelling northeast of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, behind Hyrule Castle. Princess Zelda and Link are seen in a field together, Link watching as Zelda takes Pictures of flowers with the Sheikah Slate. She explains to Link that the flowers in Hyrule Kingdom are not only beautiful, they are also useful as ingredients.[2]

Something catches Zelda's eye, and she gasps. With a smile on her face, Zelda points out a Silent Princess.[3] She reveals to Link that they are a rare, endangered species, and that there have been difficulties getting them to grow domestically.[4] Because of this, she comments that these flowers can only thrive out in the wild.[5] She says that all that people can do is hope they will be able to prosper on they're own.[6]

However, Zelda once again becomes distracted, reaching over and catching something in her hands.[7] She reveals that the delicacy in her hands can have very potent effects under proper circumstances.[8] With a flourish, she reveals the critter she is holding to be a Hot-Footed Frog, and she continues to say research shows eating one can augment certain abilities.[9] While they are not in a controlled environment, Zelda notes that Link's level of physical fitness makes him the perfect candidate for the study.[10] As the Memory ends, she holds the frog out to Link, urging him to taste it.[11]


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