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The Signpost Maze is a location in Link's Awakening.[1]

Features and Overview

Signpost Maze is an area with numerous Signs. Each Sign points Link in the direction of the next one to read. After successfully following all of the Signs, Link enters Mamu's home. After being paid 300 Rupees, he teaches Link the "Frog's Song of Soul". The Signpost Maze cannot be solved without the Hookshot, which is required to reach the Sign in the southwest corner of the area.

The Signpost Maze is fairly isolated from the rest of Koholint Island, and can only be reached by crossing over a five-hole gap with the Hookshot from Ukuku Prairie in the north.[note 1] Other areas which border it, but are inaccessible from it, include the Pothole Field to the east, Toronbo Shores to the south, and the South of the Village to the west.

Minor Enemies



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  1. In all versions of Link's Awakening prior to Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, the gap was only three holes across and could be crossed by using the Pegasus Boots in tandem with Roc's Feather. This gap was increased by two pits in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, making it impossible to jump across naturally.