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Sidon of the Zora
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Quest Giver Yona
Location Zora's Domain
Previous Quest
"The Sludge-Covered Statue"

"Sidon of the Zora" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


In the Lanayru Region, Link travelled to Zora's Domain to find clues. On his way from the main path, he found polluted waters and black gunk scattered all over Lanayru lands, and the path somewhat blocked by rocks. Upon reaching Zora's Domain, he found the place heavily polluted by the sludge, which appeared to be falling from the sky and causing harm and injury to the Zora.

Link met Yona—Sidon's fiancée. She filled Link the details of what was going on in Zora's Domain; the sludge and all the shortages they are incurring. She imposed Link to go meet Sidon at Mipha Court, who would be delighted to see him again. From there, Link met Sidon—a close friend and the Zora prince.

Sidon was ecstatic to see Link again. He briefed Link on the current situation of Zora Domain, how the sludge was affecting the populace and how the mysterious sky island above it could be connected. He was using his newfond water manipulation powers to separate the sludge from Zora's only source of clear water, poured in from Mipha Court. He could not leave the court under the risk of causing further contamination to the water.

Sidon told that he sent a historian, Jiahto, to Toto Lake to investigate a ruin that emerged from the Upheaval, which could contain clues to their situation. Link headed to Toto Lake and found him there, who was trying to decipher an ancient Zora tablet, but the majority of its contents were missing. Link searched and found the missing tablet piece, which allowed Jiahto to transcribe the rest of the tablet.

Jiahto transcribed the tablet as a riddle; indicating it needs the "mark of the king" and the "land of the sky fish" to reveal a passage in the sky. Baffled, he considered referring to the Zora king for clarity. Link headed toward the throne of the Zora's Domain, but found only Zora children. They let aloud a nursery rhyme about a "secret waterfall" somewhere.[1]

Investigated this rhyme, Link went inside a particular waterfall and found a secret sanctorium where the king, Dorephan — King of the Zora — resided. He appeared covered in sludge and ill. But he was glad to see Link whom he thought had gone missing.

Dorpephan explained the situation on his end: He went to investigate the sludges that had fell upon the Zora and contaminated the waters, but in the process he saw a blackened monster, and what appeared Zelda with it. The monster mucked Dorephan in sludge. Under the precipice that Zelda may have turned on him, he went into hiding along with his advisor until he knew the real truth. After hearing Link's account, it left Dorephan with more questions.

Link explained the writings of the ancient Zora tablet at Toto Lake. Dorephan know of the "mark of the king" so he gave Link the answer to it: King's Scale — The mark for Zora kings. He or the other Zora do not knew what it could be actually used for, but allowed Link to take some for the purpose of the riddle. He then requested that Link inform Sidon of his situation and tell him to keep moving forward.

Relayed Dorephan's message to Sidon, he was relieved to hear Dorephan okay in a way. Taking everything into account, Sidon was convinced that everything must be connected to the sky. He asked Link to look up on the riddle and let him know of progress.

Corroboration of the riddle lead Link uptowards a floating island in the shape of a "fish" with an aerial waterfall that gushed from it. Upon looking around the floating rubble, he found what looked like a "droplet." Transcribed the final part of the riddle, Link shot a King's Scale into the droplet. It then launched the scale all the way into a lake nearby and created a pillar of light.

Indicated to be the clue to the "watery bridge," Link headed back to Sidon, who found him and Yona together. After he delivered his report, a monster covered in sludge appeared before them. Link and Sidon fought it together and vanquished it.

Yona affirmed that everyone was unharmed. She wanted Sidon to go ahead with Link to help solve the mystery of the sludge, but Sidon insisted on staying with her. After a short talk, Sidon was convinced to go with Link, and went back to his normal self. He went on ahead to go after the light, and Link followed in tandem.

At the resevoir lake, Link and Sidon stopped by the light. They later heard a calling sound in their heads. Still wondered what to do with the light, Sidon got an idea. He dove in and swam around the light, created a whirlpool until it revealed some kind of entrance. Link dove into the center and found himself in an ancient ruin. Headed deeper, Link discovered the same light atop of a mini temple and upon closer, found a Zonai gateway.

Upon activation, the light pinged all the way up to the sky island, which let out a long, aerial waterfall down onto the resevoir lake. Link regrouped with Sidon, where they later heard the same sound, now in the form of a female voice, calling them over.

Link and Sidon headed up the waterfall and reached the sky island, the source of the sludge. Climbed further upward, they reach the core of the sky island where the sludge was produced. They saw the spludging substance and above what seemed to be source of Zora's clean water. Upon activation, the large pots poured water on the spludge and seemed to have an effect, but it regenerated.[2] The two looked around to find a way to disperse more water[3] and activated devices to fill more water pots.

With all water pots filled, they poured a large amount of water purify the spludging fountain. However, a small greyling creature emerged from the sludge substance. Working together, Link and Sidon cleansed the miniature muck monster.

A glowing stone emerged from the remains of the sludges from whence the source of sludge was. When Sidon touched the stone, Sidon and Link are transported to a spiritual realm. There they meet the source of the voice: A masked Zora, the Sage of Water, and Sidon's distant ancestor. She congratulated Sidon for reaching her after defeating the octo monster.

Elaborated, The Sage of Water explained the brief history of Hyrule. The Sage of Water, along with her ruler King Rauru, and five other sages, fought against a lord of darkness called the Demon King, in what was known as the Imprisoning War. The Sage of Water and the others failed to defeat the Demon King. Rauru sacrified his life to seal the Demon King away.

The Sage of Water was later visited by Zelda. She delivered a message, that the Demon King's seal will be undone and that Link will need the help of the Zora and the Sage of Water's blessing in order to defeat him. The Sage of Water honored her message and will pass on her role of Sage to a worthy successor.

With all explained, the Sage of Water requested that Sidon take the role as the new sage and fight alongside Link, then disappeared. With much to be done after saved Zora's Domain, Sidon heartedly accepted to become the Sage of Water and took the stone. With his new power, Sidon gave Link the blessing of Water.[4]

With the greyling creature's sludging stopped, the remaining sludge evaporated from Zora's Domain. The waters became purified and all the sludged Zora have been cured from their illness. Sidon, Dorephan, and the Zora thanked Link for having saved Zora's Domain. Dorephan decided to pass on the title of King to Sidon. Though initially hesitant, he heartedly accepted. Thus, Sidon ascended as king, along with his fiancée Yona as his queen.

Sidon discussed with Link about the Zelda that Dorephan supposedly saw. In short, the present-day "Zelda" must have been set apart from the real Zelda's identity. Sidon declared that they should find this "Zelda" and confront them directly. He will look more up to it, but assured Link if he needed his help, he can use his blessing to call him.


Stage Description
1 After the Upheaval, sludge started pouring from the sky around Zora's Domain. That foul gun has caused much suffering.

Yona, the Zora prince's fiancée, filled you in on the troubles at the domain. She asked you to meet with Sidon at Mipha Court on the summit of Ploymus Mountain.
2 You met with Sidon at Mipha Court. He has a hunch that the cause of the sludge is in the sky. In his search for answers, he ordered the Zora historian Jiahto to investigate ancient documents and the fallen ruins.

Speaking with Jiahto at Toto Lake may yield information about Princess Zelda.
3 You encountered King Dorephan in the Pristine Sanctum. He was injured when a Princess Zelda look-alike loosed a monster upon him. It seems that all of it—the sludge, the monster, Princess Zelda—is somehow connected to the sky.

Sidon will be eager to hear this news.
4 You relayed King Dorephan's story to Sidon. Both Princess Zelda's trail and the destructive sludge connect to the sky above the domain.

Your objectives align with Sidon's. If you find a clue about the watery bridge connecting the Zora to the sky, you should let him know.
5 A pillar of light appeared at East Reservoir Lake. The clues you gathered from the repaired stone slate suggest this will lead you to the watery bridge.

Sidon will want to hear about this. You can find him at Mipha Court.
6 When you told Sidon about the pillar of light at East Reservoir Lake, a sludge monster attacked.

Work with Sidon to repel the fiend.
7 You defeated the monster with Sidon's aid. Yona pushed the prince to confront his fear of loss, and he rose to the occasion. He is ready to investigate the watery bridge with you.

Sidon will wait for you near the pillar of light that appeared in East Reservoir Lake.
8 Sidon used his impressive swimming prowess to create a whirlpool in the lake, revealing some kind of entrance on the lake bed.

This may lead to clues about the watery bridge. Jump into the whirlpool and investigate.
9 Upon jumping into the whirlpool, you found a vast space filled with ancient ruins.

You may find a clue about the watery bridge among them.
10 When you activated a mysterious device in the Ancient Zora Waterworks, a jet of water erupted from the ruins high above.

Even a Hylian could climb the resulting waterfall by wearing the Zora armor.
11 Resolving to explore the sky island, you arrived at some vast ruins that may hide the answers you seek.

Follow Sidon, who went on ahead.
12 After climbing the waterfall and entering the ruins, you found the source of the sludge plaguing the Zora.

Sidon suggested that it may be possible to wash away the foul substance using the water in the enormous water vessels.
13 You poured water from the vessels on the sludge, but it was inadequate to cleanse the area. It seems even more water is needed. A mysterious voice indicated locationsthat may be of assistance.

Work with Sidon to open all of the faucets.
14 When you washed away the sludge with the water vessels, a monster suddenly emerged from the muck. This must be the culprit behind the sludge!

It's time to work with Sidon to finish this.
15 You combined forces with Sidon to defeat the monster producing the sludge. What remained of the substance dispersed, taking the threat to the Zora along with it.

Sidon was left gazing at the strange stone that appeared when the sludge vanished.
Complete With the defeat of the fiend responsible for the sludge, the trouble afflicting the region was resolved. At the same time, Sidon awakened as a sage.

He promised to rally the domain to assist you, declaring that it's now the Zora's turn to help their hero.


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