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Sidon is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[14][name reference needed] It was shown in Tears of the Kingdom that he is a descendant of one of the Six Sages, the Sage of Water.

Physical appearance[]

Sidon's appearance is based on that of a Hammerhead Shark. His is crimson red in color. As a Royal Zora, he is much taller and stronger than the average Zora. He predominantly wears silver colored jewelry and adornments marking his status as a Royal Zora. The Zora emblem can be seen as part of his outfit on his rear fins which are the equivalent of dorsal fins. His weapon of choice is the Lightscale Trident which was a weapon favored by his older sister, Mipha before her death over 100 years prior. Upon awakening as the Sage of Water, his Zonai Secret Stone can be seen on his left hand in a special gauntlet.


Sidon is extroverted, evidenced by his enthusiasm and optimistic view on life. He seems to see things on the positive side even during dark times and doesn't let his royal heritage affect him. Because of this, he is very popular with most of the younger Zora, and he exhibits kindness to everyone around him and it extends to non-Zora races. While usually quite cheerful, Sidon can be serious when necessary and he doesn't take kindly to any kind of prejudice against others, as he often silences Muzu when he rudely tried to object to having Link help them out. He is also strict when it comes to unwanted visitors when his father is busy with other things and will escort them out, but he makes an exception for Link when he saw that he was a Hylian who would help appease Divine Beast Vah Ruta as the Zoras cannot use the Shock Arrows needed to disable it, and Seggin, who was rather shock-resistant for an aged Zora, but still rather weak. Sidon can be seen staring at his sister's statue and silently mourns her as the loss of her had affected him deeply, but to honor his beloved sister's memory he tried to remain as cheerful and positive as possible and is devoted to protecting his home, just as Mipha requested of him when he was a child.

In Tears of the Kingdom, he initially appears solemn, being focused on removing the Sludge that is affecting his kingdom, alongside being anxious regarding his missing father. However, he eventually cheers up, thanks to his fiancée, Yona, and helps Link defeat the Sludge Like.



Sidon was Mipha's little brother, and he looked up to her all those years ago, and was heartbroken when Mipha died. Eventually, he made friends with Yona, who would come to be his fiancée.

Breath of the Wild[]

Sidon is the prince of the Zora, the son of King Dorephan and the brother of Mipha. He first encounters Link in Breath of the Wild at Inogo Bridge while on his way to Zora's Domain. Sidon requests Link to come to his home in hopes of helping quell the rains caused by the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, which were threatening to burst the dams surrounding Zora's Domain.[15] He gives Link an Electro Elixir to aid against the monsters who attack with Electricity ahead.[16][17] As Link makes his way to Zora's Domain, Sidon encourages the hero from the river.[18][19][20]

When Link approaches the throne room, he is encountered by Muzu, an elderly Zora who remembers him from 100 years ago. Muzu insists that it is because of Link that Mipha had died, stolen from her kingdom who loved her dearly.[21] Sidon then defends Link as the only one who can save their home.[22] When King Dorephan presents Link with the Zora Armor, Muzu berates the King for gifting Link the Armor. He claims that crafting a Zora Armor is an act that a Zora princess would only do for her future husband and finds Link unworthy of Mipha's love and hard work.[23] He then proceeds to head to Mipha's statue in the town square to reminisce. Sidon then confronts Muzu, stating that even though he was too young to understand it at the time, Mipha had feelings for Link.[24] When Link puts the Armor on and approaches Muzu, Sidon comments on how the armor fits Link perfectly.[25] Sidon's words resonate within Muzu, who agrees to help them take down the Divine Beast.[26]

After Link gathers the Shock Arrows needed to take down Divine Beast Vah Ruta, he meets up with Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake, where the Divine Beast is stationed. Sidon and Link battle the mechanical beast together, with Sidon swimming around the lake and Link firing Arrows while riding his back. After destroying the sources of Water on the Divine Beast's back, Sidon escorts Link to the boarding platform before it rises too high for Link to get on board.[27]

After Link frees Mipha's spirit and takes control of Divine Beast Vah Ruta from Calamity Ganon, King Dorephan greets Link and congratulates him on his victory when he returns to Zora's Domain, as well as commending Sidon for his assistance in Ruta's recovery.[28][29] Sidon becomes a tad emotional, having a moment of silence following his father claiming that Mipha would be proud of his actions and that he will one day make a great king, before enthusiastically thanking Link for ending the crisis.[30] If Link speaks to Sidon after this, the Zora will proclaim that he is both thankful and proud of Link for his assistance.[31] Sidon can usually be found outside of his father's throne room, but he will go gaze at Mipha's statue at night. If Link approaches him from behind, he can hear Sidon commenting on her status as a lingering spirit within Ruta.[32] Sidon expresses that he misses Mipha and wishes she was still around to give him words of wisdom as she did when they were young.[33] When he catches Link listening, Sidon apologizes to Link for catching him in a moment of weakness.[34][35]

If Link goes to the throne room of Zora's Domain without first activating the "Reach Zora's Domain" Main Quest at Inogo Bridge, a different cutscene will play. Sidon will be in the throne room and will hear Link walking up the stairs, exclaiming that the king is not accepting visitors at the time[36][37] and preparing to escort Link out[38] before realizing that the visitor is a Hylian.[39] The major character introduction text 'Prince Sidon, Zora Prince' appears below the prince's head as it would have in the Inogo Bridge cutscene, and Sidon asks the guest why he didn't say he was a Hylian in the first place, before inviting him in vigorously.[40][41] King Dorephan's dialogue is changed slightly to reflect the fact that Link suddenly appeared as if by miracle, instead of being found and directed by Sidon. After this, the "Reach Zora's Domain" Main Quest will appear and be instantly completed, and the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest appears as normal.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

See also: Sidon of the Zora

Other Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's Mipha, the Zora Princess Scenario, Mipha, along with Link, Zelda and Impa, rescue young Sidon from a Lynel that the latter journeyed to Ploymus Mountain to challenge on his own. Mipha initially scolds him for making such a rash decision,[42] but praises him for his bravery, to which he gives a smile.[43] The party then spots a large horde of monsters approaching. Link, Zelda and Impa take Sidon back to Zora's Domain while Mipha uses the Divine Beast Vah Ruta to defeat the attacking horde. After the battle, Sidon is present in the throne room as King Dorephan gives his approval to Mipha to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta for the fight against Calamity Ganon.

In the Water and Fire Scenario, Sidon's adult self appears through one of Terrako's time portals, just as Waterblight Ganon was about to kill Mipha with a flail and Cryonic formations and managed to smash them with both his Ceremonial Tridents before they could hit her, refusing to lose her once more[44] much to Mipha's surprise as she is familiar with Sidon being a small child.[45] Waterblight was too strong for both of them, though as Mipha approaches despite the odds and exhaustion,[46] Sidon quicklyobjects.[47] Thankfully, Sidon's efforts bought them enough time for help to arrive[48] and they were able to slay Waterblight Ganon. Mipha's exhaustion gets the best of her when she pleads them to help Daruk, so Sidon leaves Vah Ruta with Link and his friends and slayed the Igneo Talus that was blocking the path to Divine Beast Vah Rudania with lava so Mipha can use Ruta to spray water to cool it. They enter Rudania to help Daruk and Yunobo take out Fireblight Ganon. At the end of the battle, as Daruk thanks Link and Yunobo for their help, Mipha is still confused by Sidon's adult presence and asks for clarification,[49] which Sidon confirms.[50] He goes on to explain that he arrived from the future.[51] Daruk laughs it off before putting up a serious front to ask Princess Zelda about Hyrule Castle's latest fate. After all four Champions and Divine Beasts are saved from the Blight Ganons, Zelda begins to recall Sidon's story on how he got there[52] causing Zelda to piece the puzzles together and realize that Terrako was responsible for bringing him and the other warriors back to save the Champions[53] and was eternally grateful[54] before turning their attention to Akkala Citadel.[55]

In the Relentless as a Waterfall Scenario, Sidon joins Mipha aboard Vah Ruta to help the Hylian Soldiers defend the citadel from the recently corrupted Guardians.[56] Upon arrivial Mipha and Sidon managed to save Link and the group from being blasted by a Guardian Stalker.[57][58] Mipha takes a moment to express pride in Sidon for the Zora he had become[59] and Sidon replied melancholically,[60] still being haunted by the loss of the Mipha in his own timeline[61] Mipha then turns their focus on the battle ahead,[62] as she and Sidon join their tridents.[63] After that, Mipha leaves the control of Vah Ruta to Sidon while she heads out to heal the injuries to the injured Hylian soldiers and managed to hold them off until Daruk and Yunobo arrived to assist them until the bridge was destroyed to stop the Malice Guardians from infitrating the citadel and finished off, successfully saving the stronghold.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC EX Battle of Goponga Village, Sidon and Mipha are at Goponga Village to help the Zora soldiers stationed there. When most of the monsters were wiped out, Sidon takes the healthy soldiers and instructs their next mission[64] while Mipha takes care of the wounded soldiers[65] She then sees her brother and the warriors fighting more monsters[66] and is soon confronted by an Electric Moblin targeting her. The younger Sidon steps between her and the Moblin with a spear, to Mipha's horror[67] and begs of him to run away[68] before Sidon heard her cries and slayed the Moblin before it could harm any of them. He then checks on his younger self[69] and Mipha is reliefed to see that they are alright[70] and asks her Sidon about his presence there.[71] The adult Sidon deduces that his younger self only wanted to do his part[72] and tells him that he should go off on his own, but he does praise him for his courage[73] and goes on that he will continue to get stronger so that he will protect his sister, albeit trailing off a bit,[74] before he and his younger self flash their grins, with Mipha giggling in amusement.

In the All Hyrule United Scenario, Purah got the Sheikah Towers working again and supercharges them summon the armies of all races to Hyrule Field including the Champions, the Divine Beasts, and the reformed Yiga Clan. Mipha is overjoyed over how well it went[75] and Sidon adds that destroying Ganon is their final step to victory.[76] With her surviving father's blessing, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army and gives a rousing speech before charging to take the outposts and destroying the monsters that hold up the barriers so the Champion Pilots can open fire. Despite the Blood Moon holding them back a bit, they still managed to press forward towards Hyrule Castle.

In the The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Sidon and the rest of the warriors charge into the castle to take the fight to Astor and Harbinger Ganon. Once both villains lose to the heroes, Astor finally loses it as he orders Ganon to devour the warriors before he is devoured by Ganon's Malice himself and some of the Malice infects Terrako, forcing it to turn against Princess Zelda and Link. After being broken down to where it couldn't fight anymore, Sidon and the other warriors gather in a moment of silence as Zelda, now vengeful swears to ensure that Calamity Ganon falls as they head upstairs into the Sanctum where Ganon awaited them. Unfortunately, Ganon has high defenses to where it shrugged off all attacks and Zelda used her power to try and seal it. Terrako, who was brought back up by her power, rushed upstairs and destroys itself to destroy Ganon's invincibility, allowing the heroes to defeat it, with Link cleaving it in half with the Master Sword and Zelda using her power to finally finish off the monster once and for all. With peace finally returning to Hyrule, Terrako's screw used the last of its power to send Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju back to the future and Mipha and Sidon exchange their heartfelt good-byes as Mipha was optimistic that they will one day see each other again[77] and Sidon replying that they will never be apart no matter how far they are,[78] and he vanishes with the future warriors as Zelda looks on and wishes them a brighter future.

During the secret DLC ending, Sidon is seen bonding with his younger self as Mipha pays them a visit and pets them both, prompting them to grin once more and he is later seen talking among the present and future Champions as Terrako joins and entertains them.

As a playable Warrior, Sidon dual-wields spears, his personal Weapon of choice being a pair of Ceremonial Tridents. While not as fast in his Normal attacks as Mipha, he has powerful strong attacks. His Unique Action has him inject positivity into those attacks; by pressing ZR during any Strong Attack when a circle flash enhances those attacks with additional Water magic effects. His Enhanced Ability grants him temporary super armor right after any Strong Attack by pressing ZR when the circle flashes.


  • Sidon's final design was originally gray, however, it was changed to red in-game so he could stand out more in Zora's Domain and closely resemble his sister, Mipha.[79]
  • In a Q/A video between ZeldaDungeon and Jamie Mortellaro, Breath of the Wild′s Lead Voice Director and English Voice Actor for Sidon, Jamie stated that Sidon is acknowledged by Nintendo as Breath of the Wild′s most popular character among fans.[80]
  • Sidon is the only "Second Generation Champion" to not be voiced in English by the same voice actor as their predecessor.
  • The name Sidon in Greek, translates to "Fishery".
  • Sidon's theme repeats the octave notes "si and do" which is a reference to his name. Mipha's theme also follows the same pattern but repeats the octaves "mi and fa". While most Zoras feature this musical easter egg, only Sidon and Mipha have unique themes in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Sidon is constantly posing in both games he appears in which, when describing him, can be seen as "posing Sidon" which may be referencing the Greek God "Poseidon" who was the god of the seas and water. This is only speculative and has not been confirmed by Nintendo or any developer for either game.
  • When wearing the Vah Ruta Divine Helm in Tears of the Kingdom after awakening Sidon as a sage, Sidon himself will wear a Zonaite helm identical to the one the ancient Sage wore during the Imprisoning War. This will grant Sidon's Avatar an attack boost. This does not affect his ability's cooldown time or water attack. The Helm also grants Link a level 1 swim boost.
  • When Sidon is first encountered in Tears of the Kingdom, he can be seen purifying water which was an ability that Mipha had. While Mipha was able to heal wounds as well as water, Sidon only appears to be able to purify and control water.
  • Sidon's Vow and ability are somewhat similar to Daruk's Protection in that Link will be surrounded by their ability. However, Sidon's sphere of water can only protect against a single weak attack while Daruk's Protection will protect Link from any attack up to three times per charge.


Sidon comes from the musical notes si and do. Alternatively, it could also originate from Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea.

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