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Side Quest are a recurring type of quests in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][name reference needed]


Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Side Quests are optional quests given to Link by the denizens of the Sky or the Surface, who need his assistance to solve their troubles.

Gratitude Crystals Locations
Deed Location Task Reward
Missing Kukiel Skyloft Kukiel's parents will inform Link of her disappearance. Link will follow clues around Skyloft and the Lumpy Pumpkin in order to discover a secret entrance in Skyloft's Graveyard. Reaching an old house underneath the Skyloft, he will recover Kukiel and discover the friendly Demon, Batreaux. 5 Gratitude Crystals & Unlocking Batreaux
Wounded Loftwing Island in the Sky/Skyloft Parrow will mention the disappearance of his sister Orielle, claiming that she was last seen flying towards Fun Fun Island. Link will find her on an island between Fun Fun Island and Skyloft, and ask him to bring her a bottle of Mushroom Spores for her wounded Loftwing. Once healed, she will arrive safely back at Skyloft. 10 Gratitude Crystals & an Empty Bottle
Paper, Please Skyloft The bathroom in the Knight Academy will seem to have become haunted, seeing that many of the students claim to have heard the voice of a sobbing woman, claiming for paper. Meanwhile, Link can meet with Cawlin who will ask of him to deliver a letter to Karane, confessing his love to her. Here, Link has two options: he can either deliver the letter, or give it to the ghost. 5 Gratitude Crystals
To Get Stronger Skyloft Fledge, who looks up to Link, will begin an exercise routine in order to build up his strength. However, he lacks endurance to continue the routine. If Link enters his room at night, Fledge will ask him for a Stamina Potion. Link will need to give him a couple of bottles until Fledge builds up his desired strength. 5 Gratitude Crystals & the Pumpkin Pull minigame.
Cleaning Lady Skyloft Pipit's mother, Mallara, will ask of Link to help her clean the house by using the Gust Bellows. 5 Gratitude Crystals (first time) & 20 Rupees
Missing Rattle Skyloft Bertie, husband to Luv and owner of the potion sidecounter in the Skyloft Bazaar, has lost the rattle to calm down their baby. Link can enter their house at night to find him unable to put the child to rest. Using the Clawshot, Link must grapple to the floating Waterfall Island, skydiving to land atop the bird's nest. Using the Gust Bellows to clear the nest, he can then retrieve the Rattle by himself or using the Beetle. 5 Gratitude Crystals
Broken Crystal Ball Skyloft Sparrot the fortune teller will suddenly cease to appear at the Skyloft Bazaar. Townsfolk will tell Link that he broke his crystal ball, whilst Sparrot comments that he obtained it from below the clouds. Link must dive to the Earth Temple, grappling to the top of the entrance where he will find a similar crystal ball. Scrapper can then take it up to Skyloft. 5 Gratitude Crystals & Sparrot's return
Plowing Help Lumpy Pumpkin/Eldin Volcano Kina of Lumpy Pumpkin needs someone to help her plow the pumpkin fields. Link can then dowse for said person and find the Mogma leader Guld. who is waiting on one of the tall stalagmites jutting up from the caverns. Scrapper need only then carry him to the Lumpy Pumpkin. 5 Gratitude Crystals
Missing Fun Wheel Fun Fun Island Dodoh, the owner of Fun Fun Island, will lament the loss of his Fun Wheel below the clouds, claiming that he isn't in the mood to take on his minigame joint. Link can find the wheel by dowsing towards Lanayru Desert. Diving to the first Bird Statue Link ever encountered in the desert proper, he must hit the Timeshift Stone in order to make some vines on a ledge appear in the past, making his way over the Fun Wheel. Scrapper then takes it back to Fun Fun Island. 5 Gratitude Crystals & a free play on the Island
Indulging Peatrice/Helping Peater Skyloft/Bamboo Island As Link keeps returning to the Item Check during his quest, Peatrice will begin to think he is returning often just to see her. When asked, Link must answer her questions in a way that is romantic and indulging, slowly making Peatrice fall in love with him. One day she will ask Link to visit her house at night, and will declare her love for him, unless Link has talked to Peater first, who wants him to scare away her admirer. 5 Gratitude Crystals (if Link obliges or if Link refuses her)
A New Species Of Plant Skyloft/Faron Woods Instructor Owlan thinks he has all species of plant in his collection and asks Link to help him find a new one. Link must go to Faron Woods and talk to Oolo, who says he wants to live in a place where he doesn't have to hide. Once, Oolo is told about Skyloft Fi will call Scrapper who will take Oolo to Owlan. 5 Gratitude Crystals
Missing Beetle Skyloft/Bug Rock Near the end if the game, Link can talk to Beedle, who will claim that his Horned Colossus Beetle has gone missing. After further inquiries, Link will learn that Strich from Bug Rock has found it. However, Link can only recover the Beetle if he clears Strich's insect-finding gauntlet in the Thunderhead, by collecting predetermined insects within a three minute time limit. 5 Gratitude Crystals and a one-time half price deal on any item in his shop.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Side Quests are optional Quests given to Link by various characters. They are denoted by a speech bubble icon containing an ellipsis. There are 76 Side Quests in the base game, 7 Side Quests in The Master Trials DLC Pack, an extra Side Quest released through the Version 1.3.3 update, and 6 Side Quests in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, giving a total of 90 Side Quests to complete.

List of Side Quests
Side Quest Quest Giver Region
EX Ancient Horse Rumors Super Rumor Mill V3 Highland Stable
EX Royal Guard Rumors Super Rumor Mill V4 Riverside Stable
EX Treasure: Merchant Hood Misko's EX Journal 2 Deya Village Ruins
EX Treasure: Garb of Winds Misko's EX Journal 2 Deya Village Ruins
EX Treasure: Usurper King Misko's EX Journal 2 Deya Village Ruins
EX Treasure: Dark Armor Misko's EX Journal 2 Deya Village Ruins
EX Strange Mask Rumors Super Rumor Mill V1 Woodland Stable
EX Teleportation Rumors! Super Rumor Mill V2 South Akkala Stable
EX Treasure: Ancient Mask Misko's EX Journal Outpost Ruins
EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes Misko's EX Journal Outpost Ruins
EX Treasure: Twilight Relic Misko's EX Journal Outpost Ruins
EX Treasure: Phantasma Misko's EX Journal Outpost Ruins
EX Trial of the Sword ??? Korok Forest
Robbie's Research Jerrin Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
From the Ground Up Hudson Hateno Village
A Parent's Love Ruli Tarrey Town
Hobbies of the Rich Hagie Tarrey Town
A Shady Customer Hoz East Akkala Stable
Little Sister's Big Request Jana South Akkala Stable
Hylian Homeowner Bolson Hateno Village
The Statue's Bargain Horned Statue Hateno Village
A Gift for My Beloved Manny Hateno Village
The Weapon Connoisseur Nebb Hateno Village
The Sheep Rustlers Koyin Hateno Village
Sunshroom Sensing Symin Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Slated for Upgrades Purah Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Sunken Treasure Rozel Lurelin Village
What's for Dinner? Kiana Lurelin Village
Take Back the Sea Sebasto Lurelin Village
Koko's Kitchen Koko Kakariko Village
Cooking with Koko Koko Kakariko Village
Koko Cuisine Koko Kakariko Village
Koko's Specialty Koko Kakariko Village
Playtime with Cottla Cottla Kakariko Village
By Firefly's Light Lasli Kakariko Village
Flown the Coop Cado Kakariko Village
The Priceless Maracas Hestu West Necluda
Arrows of Burning Heat Rola Kakariko Village
Stalhorse: Pictured! Juannelle Snowfield Stable
Curry for What Ails You Lester Rito Stable
Find Kheel Amali Rito Village
Face the Frost Talus Gesane Rito Village
The Apple of My Eye Juney Rito Village
The Spark of Romance Jogo Rito Village
The Jewel Trade Ramella Goron City
Death Mountain's Secret Dugby Goron Hot Springs
The Road to Respect Fugo Goron City
Fireproof Lizard Roundup Kima Southern Mine
Balloon Flight Shamae Woodland Stable
The Thunder Helm Riju Gerudo Town
The Search for Barta Liana Gerudo Town
Medicinal Molduga Malena Gerudo Town
The Eighth Heroine Bozai Gerudo Desert
The Mystery Polluter Dalia Gerudo Town
The Secret Club's Secret Greta Gerudo Town
Tools of the Trade Isha Gerudo Town
The Forgotten Sword Bozai Gerudo Desert
Missing in Action Sesami Gerudo Canyon Stable
Rushroom Rush! Pirou Gerudo Canyon Stable
Good-Sized Horse Zyle Gerudo Canyon
An Ice Guy Guy Kara Kara Bazaar
A Freezing Rod Kula Great Hyrule Forest
The Korok Trials Chio Great Hyrule Forest
Riddles of Hyrule Walton Great Hyrule Forest
Legendary Rabbit Trial Peeks Great Hyrule Forest
Special Delivery Finley Bank of Wishes
Lynel Safari Laflat Zora's Domain
The Giant of Ralis Pond Torfeau Zora's Domain
Frog Catching Tumbo Zora's Domain
Zora Stone Monuments Jiahto Zora's Domain
Diving is Beauty! Gruve Zora's Domain
Luminous Stone Gathering Ledo Zora's Domain
A Wife Washed Away Fronk Zora's Domain
A Gift from the Monks Monk Ancient Shrine
The Hero's Cache Kass Kitano Bay
Misko, the Great Bandit Domidak Dueling Peaks Stable
Wild Horses Rensa Dueling Peaks Stable
A Gift of Nightshade Wabbin Faron
Hunt for the Giant Horse Straia Mounted Archery Camp
The Horseback Hoodlums Perosa Highland Stable
Thunder Magnet Cima Lakeside Stable
A Gift for the Great Fairy Toren Tabantha Bridge Stable
Leviathan Bones Akrah Serenne Stable
The Royal Guard's Gear Parcy Riverside Stable
A Royal Recipe Gotter Riverside Stable
Riverbed Reward Izra Wetland Stable
My Hero Aliza Outskirt Stable
A Rare Find Trott Outskirt Stable
The Royal White Stallion Toffa Outskirt Stable
[Xenoblade Chronicles 2]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Side Quests, or more simply referred to as "Quests", serve as the way to increase the effectiveness of a Warrior, replacing the Bazaar's Badge Market found in the original Hyrule Warriors games. By using Materials consisting of dropped spoils of slain monsters & scrapped Guardians, as well as printed proofs of the monster and Guardian kills, fruits, fungi, plants, meat, ingredients, fish, insects, and precious minerals, Link and the other Warriors will gain attributes such has extensions of their Light Combo, a new Strong Combo, Hearts, and more Special Attack bars, as well as cosmetic costume pieces for Link to wear.

To unlock more Side Quests, Link and co. can either progress through the story or finish certain Challenge battles and/or other Side Quests. There are 376 Quests in total in the base game.

Side Quests are split by the following within the Quest tab:

  • Character-specific Quests, which benefit only one Warrior. These Quests are marked with the heads of the characters as depicted by the narration cutscenes, and are all found under their Warrior's name under the Quest search tab (e.g., all the Side Quests that benefit solely Link will be found under the tab "Link", and so on & so forth).
  • Improve All Allies Quests, which as the name implies, benefits all Warriors. These Quests are marked with a heart icon.
  • Sheikah Runes Quests, which lowers the cooldown of used Sheikah Rune abilities. They are individually marked with their specified rune (e.g. the Quest "Explosive Endeavours" is marked with the Remote Bomb logo).
  • Divine Beasts Quests, which improve the vitality and functions of the Divine Beasts. They are individually marked with the specified Divine Beast.
  • Unlock Services Quests, which open up Shops and Stables to shop for certain Materials if the need arises, as well as other vital specialized services. Shops have a Jar marker, and Stables have a horse head marker. The specialized services are:
    • the Hyrule Blacksmith Guild, marked with a hammer, helps Warriors by tinkering with weapons to make them stronger.
    • the Military Training Camp, marked with a helmet, help lagging behind Warriors catch up with the currently highest leveled Warrior.
    • and the Kochi Dye Shop, marked with a vial, changes the color of Link's clothes, with the Rupees depending on the dye.
  • Improve Services Quests, which gives Link and co. discounts, as well as more services with the Blacksmith Guild, and additional dye options for the Dye Shop. These are marked with a building & an up arrow.
  • Material Quests, giving Link more Materials, as well as monster-themed hats. They are marked with either monster icons or leaf icons. The latter can be completed multiple times as long as the player has the materials needed to make the trade
  • Cooking Quests, allowing Link to come up with new recipes to use foodstuff Materials to make Food, giving bonus effects to Warriors in battle such as increased movement speed, a bigger window to initiate a Perfect Dodge, elemental damage reduction, etc. They are marked with a Cooking Pot.
  • Battle Support Quests, which increase the carrying capacities of Apples and Weapons, as well as allowing Korok Seeds and Treasure Chests to be viewed in the Battle Info tab. Aside for "The Treasure Detector" which is marked with a treasure chest icon, all Battle Support Quests have their marker be Hestu's Maracas.
  • Sheikah Sensor Quests, which help Link and co. use the Sensor to help find specific Materials in either combat missions or Shops/Stables if they are too few for a specific Quest. Like the Runes Quests, these quests are marked with the Sensor icon.
  • And finally, Contribution Level Quests, which are region-specific quests that keep track of the completion rate of the Quests of that region of Hyrule, and are thus completed when all Quests in a specific region are completed. They are marked with a star icon.

Pulse of the Ancients

With the first wave of DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, 54 additional Quests have been added into the game, 33 of which can be found within the new facility, EX Royal Ancient Lab, marked on the map with a Ancient Screw with an “EX” next to it. These Quests are largely meant to help the lab grow and prosper.

The Lab's Quests are arranged in a grid and similarly work like how the Badge system from the first Hyrule Warriors games worked; completing one Quest can unlock the others that connect to it as long as the player has the Materials or the Rupees for it. The Quest icons also retain the previously established rules with what they entail.

Quests from the Labs grant access to rewards not found in the base game, as well as the newly added Materials needed to complete them. Additionally completing them grants access to the Flail for Link, the Battle-Tested Guardian, and the Master Cycle Zero for Zelda.


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