The Shuteye Inn is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an Inn run by the Sheikah Ollie in Kakariko Village. Ironically, the Innkeeper Ollie often falls asleep standing up, only waking when spoken to, bumped into, attacked, or frightened by Link either drawing his bow, wearing certain clothing or when he activates or is carrying a Remote Bomb. The inn itself is small though it acts as a rest stop for Hylian and even Sheikah travelers that travel through or stay in Kakariko Village. Like most Inns ard Stables it offers regular beds and soft beds. When asked about the difference between the two beds, Ollie says it is suffed with premium Cucco Feathers though is unsure if it might be something else. However he does note sleeping on one will make the sleeper more energized when they wake up. Sleeping in a soft bed gives Link an temporary extra yellow Heart Container.

The travelling merchant Bugut occasionally stays here when he is passing through Kakariko Village. The Gemstone miner Brokka also stay here while visiting to sell gemstones to local merchants. The Sheikah artist Pikango sleeps here at night since, as a travelling artist he does not live in Kakariko Village anymore even though he was born there as Dorian finds the Sheikah traveler suspicious indicating Pikango has not lived there for some time and only stays at the inn while searching for Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain. Koko and her sister Cottla take shelter here when it rains during the day though Koko laments being unable to cook dinner as the Cooking Pot she uses is uncovered.

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