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Shurmak is a character in Zelda's Adventure.[1] She is Princess Zelda's guide through Tolemac, and gives her advice on navigating the land and its shrines.


Shurmak is a woman who lives in Tolemac. She can be found at the Great Dry Canyon in central Tolemac, where she sits on a red couch. Many years ago, she had sent Gaspra a scroll warning him that Ganon had captured Link and stolen the seven Celestial Signs.[2] Upon Zelda's arrival to Tolemac to find the Celestial Signs and rescue Link, Shurmak serves as her guide throughout the land, whom she has known since Zelda was a child.[3] Shurmak communicates with Zelda telepathically from afar, and offers her sage advice and riddles on exploring the land and its shrines. At the beginning, she urges that Zelda find her Wand near the Vision Henge before venturing any further.[4] She also gives Zelda a riddle on where to find the first shrine, the Shrine of Earth.[5]

Shurmak had also employed several other residents of Tolemac to assist Zelda, including Sir Basil and Madame Kriggle,[6] whom she is an old friend of.[7] Shurmak had also once helped Yvonne, so she in turn helps Zelda.[8]

According to a woman in the Vendoss swamp, there is some envy between Shurmak and Gaspra.[9]


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