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"Traveler from beyond these woods, you are now faced with a trial... find the shrine hidden in these dark ruins..."
Ketoh Wawai

Shrouded Shrine is a Shrine quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The quest is obtained automatically upon entry of the Thyphlo Ruins north of the Great Hyrule Forest in Central Hyrule, and is completed once Link discovers the Ketoh Wawai Shrine somewhere within the ruins. The giver of this Shrine quest is innominate, but it can be assumed that the person giving the challenge is the Sheikah Monk Ketoh Wawai.

Navigating through Typhlo Ruins

After the unknown voice has issued the challenge of finding the Ketoh Wawai Shrine in the darkness, the entire area is shrouded by a jet-black fog, so dark that not even the Sun is able to shine through this darkness. If Link does not already have a torch before coming to this area, there will be one next to a bird-shaped lantern. Link has two options to work with at this point: he can either navigate the area using the ambient light of Daruk's Protection or pick up the torch nearby and light the bird-shaped lanterns.

Enemies in the Ruins

Link is definitely not alone in this area. There are Wolves, Stalkoblins, Fire Keese, Keese Swarms that will come in from the darkness and attempt to hinder Link's progress in finding the Shrine shrouded in the blackness. A Hinox guards the entrance to the Shrine. After either defeating the monster for the sphere on its neck or managing to steal it from the monster as it slumbers and put it in the hole further ahead, the shrine will rise from the ground and Link will have access to it.

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