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Shrine of Air
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The Shrine of Air is the third dungeon in Zelda's Adventure. It is a crystal palace located in the sky above Tolemac.[1] Its Shrine Keeper and boss is Aviana.

Entrance to the Temple

The Shrine of Air is located in North Gubasha Desert, over the coastal cliffs of the region. It can only be reached by having Zelda be carried to its entrance by a giant, purple condor that flies close to the coastal coves. Once the Shrine has been cleared and its Celestial Sign retrieved, the condor disappears, making return entry to the Shrine without its Compass impossible.

Themes and Navigation

Set in the clouds high above Tolemac, the Shrine of Air is a palace made entirely out of multi-colored crystals. Its floors are slippery, and Crystal Shards will break off the walls and ceilings in some rooms and launch themselves at Zelda. Fitting with its location, it is home to numerous enemies that fly or are related to weather. In comparison to the previous dungeons, it is a very straight-forward and linear Shrine. However, much like the Shrine of Earth, there is a large gap between the north and southern halls that connects between both halls, despite the dungeon Map showing a dead end.

The condor drops Zelda at the Shrine's entrance in the clouds, and immediately upon entering inside, must contend with blue Tornado enemies that can only be harmed by the Spell of Calm. They drop the dungeon Map upon being defeated. After another room of Tornado enemies, Zelda finds a large hive home to a swarm of Loccasins. The Bow & Arrow Spell is received after defeating them, which later becomes necessary to proceed through the rest of the Shrine.

A hall of falling crystals eventually leads to a chamber with a Vapora, one of two inside the Shrine and the dungeon's mini-boss. The next room has a swarm of Patras that drop the dungeon's Compass. Eventually Zelda encounters the second Vapora, which must be defeated to dispel the electric barriers blocking the rest of the Shrine. Defeating it also drops the Rug which can be used to make Zelda slide less on the floor. A Floor Spike in the next room blocks Zelda's way, which can be removed by pushing the southernmost block of two. The other block will spawn three Voltas that ambush her. The room east is a dead end containing a group of Keese.

Further up north, a chasm in the center of the hall prevents Zelda from going any further. A bridge can be made to appear by firing an Arrow with the Bow Spell at the moving skull, allowing Zelda to proceed ahead. At the very end of the hall is the boss room where Aviana is fought. After she is defeated, Zelda finds the third Celestial Sign.

Minor Enemies and Traps



  1. "Something you seek is not of this world, but above you. Defeat the woman of the air. It is to the east you must go." — Mystic (Zelda's Adventure)