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Shora Hah Shrine
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The Shora Hah Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Blue Flame,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Shora Hah Shrine is located inside the crag of the Isle of Rabac. The Isle can be reached by taking a mine cart from the Abandoned North Mine, which follows a rail that curves toward the Isle. This mine cart is propelled using Remote Bombs. Alternately, the Isle can also be reached by gliding down to it using the Paraglider from a nearby elevated point.

Themes and Navigation

The Shora Hah Shrine consists of a single massive chamber filled with a pool of lava beneath its walkways. As Link enters the Shrine, he encounters a spiked steel block that is blocking the way forward. This block can be hoisted up using the Magnesis Rune. On the other side is an unlit torch that cannot be lit by normal fire. The left path leads to two raised platforms that can be reached by making a bridge by moving the steel blocks across the rail. On one of the platforms is a Treasure Chest containing a Royal Bow. The other platform has a lit torch of Blue Fire, which Link must bring to the unlit torch by either using a wooden Weapon or lighting an Arrow. Lighting the torch below opens a barred door to another walkway, in which Link must avoid the water streams to light another torch at the end to activate a moving platform across from it.

From the walkway, Link must light an Arrow and fire it at the moving platform's torch across to make stairs raise. These stairs lead to a Switch that lowers a cylindrical ramp that drops a giant Spiked Boulder. The ramp leads to an enclosed area with a group of Guardian Scouts I. Two Chests here collectively contain a Great Flameblade and a Giant Ancient Core. Lighting the torch here opens the way to another area with three more torches. Two of the torches have water spouts that will douse the flames if lit, requiring that Link suspends one with Stasis and quickly lights both torches.

The following area has three torches, two of which are on moving platforms that move between water streams. Link must light both moving torches at once by firing a lit Arrow when they are close. Successfully doing so creates Updrafts allowing Link to glide to the next area. There, Link finds two more torches. One is on a movable steel block on a rail that must be moved to the other end, but has a water spout in its path. Link may suspend the water spout with Stasis and quickly move the block over. Alternately, it is possible to move the block over first and then light its torch with a lit Arrow. This brings the lit torch to the final walkway, which can otherwise only be reached by riding the Updraft in-between. Two nearby Chests sit on ledges which can be reached by using the Updraft. They collectively contain a Silver Rupee and a Forest Dweller's Sword.

The final walkway has three Guardian Scouts II. The walkway leads to another torch and a Chest containing ten Ice Arrows. Just ahead of the Chest are a group of seven more torches that have water spouts pointed at them. Link must light all seven torches at once by using a Spin Attack with a lit Weapon in order to open the final door.

At the very end of the Shrine awaits the Monk Shora Hah, who presents Link a Spirit Orb.

Minor Enemies and Traps



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