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Shooting Star
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Shooting Stars,[1] also known as Falling Stars,[2] are objects in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

Shooting Stars are streaks of light which appear in Hyrule's night sky. Whenever they appear, Shooting Stars fly towards the ground at a fast pace, usually crashing wherever they land. After landing, Shooting Stars emit a beacon which extends upward, allowing onlookers to easily locate their crash sites. At the base of the beacon, Link can find various treasures based on the type of Shooting Star that fell.[3][4] The most common Shooting Stars are yellow, which yield Star Fragments. After obtaining the "[Xenoblade Chronicles 2]" Side Quest, red Shooting Stars will start appearing over certain locations while Link is standing in specific spots. Red Shooting Stars yield special metallic Treasure Chests which each hold a piece of Salvager gear.

Occasionally, Shooting Stars can also land on top of water, where they will sit above the water until Link draws near. If Link uses Cryonis on the spot where the Shooting Star has landed before its beacon has disappeared, the Cryonis block will raise the Shooting Star and its beacon, allowing Link to safely retrieve the Shooting Star's treasure without it sinking into the water. Shooting Stars are covered in Traysi's Rumor Mill: Volume 4. In her book, she explains the rumors surrounding Shooting Stars and rates her recommendation with a scale of four stars.[2]

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