This article is about the character from Ocarina of Time. For the Clock Town Soldier from Majora's Mask, see Shiro.
"Without the old witches, the gang of thieves isn't all that scary!"
— Shiro

Shiro is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A Hylian man, he is one of the Carpenters working for Mutoh.


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When Link is a child, Shiro can be found in Kakariko Village with the other Carpenters. They are employed by Impa to turn Kakariko Village into a grand city like Hyrule Castle Town, but they are all too lazy to get any work done. Shiro can be found wandering aimlessly near the graveyard. He tells Link about Dampé, but states that he is probably asleep in his hut. At night, Shiro can be found in a house with the other Carpenters, where he complains about dinner not being ready yet.

When Link awakens from his seven year slumber in the Sacred Realm, he finds Mutoh in Gerudo Valley, where he tells Link that all of his workers ran away to Gerudo's Fortress, in hopes of joining the Gerudo band of thieves. When Link travels to the fortress, he finds that all of the Carpenters have been imprisoned by the Gerudo. Link rescues Shiro, and the Carpenter travels back to Mutoh and helps repair the bridge in the valley, with the aid of the other freed Carpenters.

When Link defeats Twinrova in the Spirit Temple, he can return to Gerudo Valley to speak with the Carpenters. Here, Shiro states that the Gerudo are not scary any longer with Koume and Kotake dead. This comment seems to imply that the Carpenters encountered the witches at some point, though this idea is never built upon.

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The name Shiro (四郎) is a Japanese name meaning "fourth son".

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