This article is about the character from Majora's Mask. For the Carpenter from Ocarina of Time, see Shiro.
"I'm shocked. You're the first person who's ever spoken to me. I've been here for many years, waving my arms around and asking for help, but everyone ignores me and passes me by. It's 'cause I'm about as impressive as a stone, right? ...I'm used to it, though."
— Shiro

Shiro is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a Clock Town Soldier who can be found sitting in the middle of a circle of rocks on the Road to Ikana. In the 3DS remake, he can be found underneath the watchtower in the Pirate's Fortress.

Shiro's entire existence is potentially easily overlooked, as the only hints to his presence are the words of a Gossip Stone, and to a certain extent, a blank entry in the Bombers' Notebook. In this respect, Shiro is very similar to the Soldier in the Back Alley from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, who is also easily overlooked by many players. Shiro and his traits are believed to be a reference to this character.


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For reasons not fully disclosed, Shiro is invisible to the naked eye. Apparently, he has been sitting in the exact same spot for quite some time trying to grab the attention of passers-by, but to no avail. Using the Lens of Truth, however, Link is able to see Shiro, who is pleasantly surprised at being noticed at last. He postulates that the reason for his invisibility is his lack of ability to stand out, and his apparent view of himself as someone less-than-impressive, referring to himself as "a stone."

He asks Link to bring him a "medicine that would make even an unnoticeable stone like [him] feel better." If brought a Red or Blue Potion, Shiro is restored to full visibility. As thanks, he gives Link the Stone Mask, which has the curious ability to render Link invisible to certain characters, similar to Shiro's predicament. Subsequent to this, Shiro can be found practicing how to "stand out" by raising his spear into the air.

Interestingly in Majora's Mask 3D, Shiro is found inside the Pirates' Fortress instead, however his role is practically the same. The reasons for this change is unknown, however it was likely due to the fact that the Stone Mask obtained from Shiro is most useful for sneaking around inside the Fortress.

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The name "Shiro" may have been derived from the Japanese word Shiroi, meaning white or blank. As Shiro is ignored by other people, as if the space in which he is found is blank, the latter meaning applies to him.

The name Shiro (四郎) itself is a Japanese name meaning "fourth son".

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