Shira Gomar Shrine

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Shira Gomar Shrine
BotW Shira Gomar Shrine Interior.png
The interior of Shira Gomar Shrine
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The Shira Gomar Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Aim for Stillness,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild. It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Entrance to the Shrine

Shira Gomar Shrine is found in Hyrule Ridge, just above the Tanagar Canyon near Upland Lindor as part of the Main Quest, "EX Champion Revali's Song". To access the Ancient Shrine, Link must wait at the top of Tanagar Canyon at night until the Dragon, Dinraal, arrives. As Dinraal passes Upland Lindor, its horns will begin to glow blue and Link must shoot them with a Bow, which causes the Shrine to rise up from beneath the ground on the south side of the Canyon. As Link enters the Shrine, he is greeted by the Shrine's Monk, Shira Gomar.[2]

Themes and Navigation

Shira Gomar Shrine consists of several wind funnels and walls of destructible blocks. Link must use the wind funnels to both launch Remote Bombs and himself. Link can use one of the wind funnels to glide to a platform where a Treasure Chest containing 10 Bomb Arrows sits. Near the end of the Shrine, Link encounters a spinning wind gust on a platform that periodically aims toward a wall of destructible blocks. Link must send Remote Bombs and then himself through it to proceed to the next area. However, while aimed there, the wind gust simultaneously activates a device that spins when blown, causing a gate to open and obstruct the path. Link must use Stasis on the device before using the wind gust to prevent the gate from blocking anything that attempts to fly through. Upon approaching Shira Gomar at the end of the Shrine, the Monk rewards Link with a Medoh's Emblem.[3] If this is the first or second Shrine that has rewarded Link with this Emblem, the Monk will then tell Link he must collect three and state how may remain.[4][5][6] If it is the third Shrine to reward him with Medoh's Emblem, the Monk will tell him to go to Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[7]



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