"The Shipyard is where we used to build our ships, vrrt. My ship was built there too, vweep! If you go to the Shipyard, you might find some clues to the location of my ship, brrzrrt!"
LD-301N Skipper

The Shipyard is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Found in the Lanayru Sand Sea, the Shipyard is navigated through the use of many complex Mine Cart tracks. In ancient times, the Shipyard was a construction bay for ships, most notably the Sandship. Many monsters can be found in the Shipyard at the time Link journeys there, including Aracha, a Moldarach, and Lizalfos.

The Rickety Coaster mini-game can also be played here by talking to Gortram the Goron. Inside the Construction Bay building at the end of the Rickety Coaster, Link encounters a second Moldarach which serves as the Shipyard's Mini-boss. According to the Skipper, the Construction Bay was where the Sandship was constructed. Six inactive Ancient Robots can also be found in the Shipyard, however the lack of Timeshift Stones in the Shipyard prevents Link from interacting or talking to them.

Link and LD-301N Skipper come here on their quest to find Skipper's ship, where Nayru's Flame burns. After navigating the area and finding that the ship is not there, they decide to look for it at the Pirate Stronghold.

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