Ship Parts are items from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. There are eight different types of parts, including prows, anchors, hulls, and others, and eight different sets of parts; the basic set (S.S. Linebeck) comes stocked with the ship. Based on combination of parts Link uses, he can get more Hearts for the S.S. Linebeck; for example, if Link uses only gold parts, the ship will have more stamina. If the ship has three or four parts of the same set, the ship's stamina increases to four Hearts; five or six of the same set makes five Hearts; and all of the same set makes seven Hearts. However, as the Linebeck set of parts comes stock on the ship, the ship will have the standard four Hearts even when all the Linebeck parts are equipped. The only exception to these sets are the Golden Ship Parts, which add additional Hearts when attached. If the Golden Ship is completed, the ship's health becomes maxed out at eight Hearts: a bonus for collecting the rarest Ship Parts.

Ship Parts by Type

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Name Selling Price Description Set
Passable Prow 0 Rupees An average prow that came equipped on the S.S. Linebeck. Linebeck Set
Bell Prow 50-1500 Rupees This bell doesn't chime, but it gives the prow a nice look. Bright Set
Drill Prow 50-1500 Rupees Broken, and nobody in the world has the parts to fix it. Iron Set
Mermaid Prow 50-1500 Rupees The design was based on eyewitness accounts! Stone Set
Log Prow 50-1500 Rupees Made with waterproof lumber, so it's surprisingly valuable. Vintage Set
Demon Prow 50-1500 Rupees A prow adorned with a scowling demon. Very...intense. Demon Set
Tropical Prow 50-1500 Rupees A prow made with swaying palm trees in mind. No coconuts. Tropic Set
Tourist Prow 50-1500 Rupees A prow made for those looking for the romance of the sea! Red Set
Golden Prow 1500 Rupees An extravagant piece of ship art made from a golden pot. Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Normal Anchor 0 Rupees The S.S. Linebeck came equipped with this average anchor. Linebeck Set
Bell Anchor 50-1500 Rupees A modern, bell-shaped anchor. Ironically, it doesn't ring. Bright Set
Iron Anchor 50-1500 Rupees An iron-spiked anchor that can secure a ship in a storm. Iron Set
Ancient Anchor 50-1500 Rupees An anchor shaped from the mold of an ancient statue. Stone Set
Swim Ring 50-1500 Rupees It is what it is... No one knows if it works as an anchor. Vintage Set
Sickle Anchor 50-1500 Rupees An anchor made in the image of an evil sickle. Scary! Demon Set
Shell Anchor 50-1500 Rupees An anchor made from a shell. Girls go wild for it! Tropic Set
Weighty Anchor 50-1500 Rupees A three-pronged anchor. No frills, but it gets the job done! Red Set
Gem Anchor 1500 Rupees An anchor patterned after a gem. A sure hit with celebrities! Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Standard Hull 0 Rupees The original hull of the S.S. Linebeck. Nothing Special. Linebeck Set
Bright Hull 50-1500 Rupees A modified hull from a standard ship with a fancy yellow spot. Bright Set
Iron Hull 50-1500 Rupees Looks strong and heavy. Too bad it's neither. Iron Set
Stone Hull 50-1500 Rupees A hull that looks like an ancient stronghold. The deck is so green! Stone Set
Vintage Hull 50-1500 Rupees A worn, rugged hull with a manly, burly style of its own. Vintage Set
Demon Ship 50-1500 Rupees A scary ship said to ferry the foulest of evils. Demon Set
Tropical Ship 50-1500 Rupees A themed ship with the appeal of a private tropical oasis. Tropic Set
Dignified Ship 50-1500 Rupees A hull with a very serious red and black paint scheme. Red Set
Golden Hull 1500 Rupees A hull that delivers an experience in pure extravagance. Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Eddo's Cannon 0 Rupees A cannon bought from Eddo for the high price of 50 Rupees. Linebeck Set
Artistic Cannon 50-1500 Rupees A cannon with truly avant-garde design. Catches the eye! Bright Set
Strong Cannon 50-1500 Rupees It looks menacing and efficient. It's actually rather typical. Iron Set
Ancient Cannon 50-1500 Rupees A cannon surrounded with the glory of an ancient age. Stone Set
Meager Cannon 50-1500 Rupees Looks like it would shatter after a single fire, but it's tough! Vintage Set
Fear Cannon 50-1500 Rupees Some suspect it can fire cannonballs of pure malice. Demon Set
Seapony Cannon 50-1500 Rupees A cannon shaped like a seapony. This pony packs punch! Tropic Set
Red Cannon 50-1500 Rupees Looks complex, but it's easy to use. The professional standard. Red Set
Golden Cannon 1500 Rupees The perfectly designed cannon. Truly the gold standard! Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Simple Handrail 0 Rupees The handrail that came stock on Linebeck's ship. Linebeck Set
Arch Handrail 50-1500 Rupees It draws attention for its playful and ornate design. Bright Set
Chain Handrail 50-1500 Rupees A handrail forged with hefty chains so it wont break easily. Iron Set
Pillar Handrail 50-1500 Rupees Made from pillars of exotic ruins. It was recently recovered. Stone Set
Worn Handrail 50-1500 Rupees In dire need of repair, but its design adds a lot of flavor! Vintage Set
Spike Handrail 50-1500 Rupees Made from monstrous horns. Actually not a handrail at all. Demon Set
Wood Handrail 50-1500 Rupees A very basic handrail. Sometimes basics are best! Tropic Set
Utility Handrail 50-1500 Rupees A handrail that works even in violently churning seas. Red Set
Golden Handrail 1500 Rupees Note the elegant curve and design. A true masterpiece! Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Steady Bridge 0 Rupees The original bridge of Linebecks ship. It's a common style. Linebeck Set.
Restful Cabin 50-1500 Rupees Soothing design offers an escape from the stress of battle. Bright Set
Conning Tower 50-1500 Rupees A bridge designed for those with battle on their minds. Iron Set
Peaceful Bridge 50-1500Rupees With its temple like serenity, it offers peace and comfort. Stone Set
Barrel Shack 50-1500 Rupees A modest design for the environmentally conscious! Vintage Set
Demon Prison 50-1500 Rupees A prison designed to cage the foulest villains! Demon Set
Shell Apartment 50-1500 Rupees Top creature comforts combined with the smell of ocean air. Tropic Set
Practical Bridge 50-1500 Rupees Created for those who live their years on the high seas. Red Set
Golden Bridge 1500 Rupees A golden interior fit for royalty. The bed is oh-so fluffy too. Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Normal Chimney 0 Rupees The normal chimney that came with Linebeck's ship. Linebeck Set
Elegant Chimney 50-1500 Rupees A simple shape, but something about it is so enticing. Bright Set
Parasol Chimney 50-1500 Rupees A chimney made of iron. Caution: gets very hot when used! Iron Set
Stone Chimney 50-1500 Rupees A chimney once used by a bread baker. Smells fresh baked! Stone Set
Strange Chimney 50-1500 Rupees Looks a little like garbage, but that's its main appeal! Vintage Set
Demon Chimney 50-1500 Rupees A chimney built for bubbling pots of white-hot magma. Demon Set
Horn Chimney 50-1500 Rupees An artistic chimney filled with rustic charm. Tropic Set
Tall Chimney 50-1500 Rupees Towering over the horizon, all chimneys aspire to its glory. Red Set
Golden Chimney 1500 Rupees A simple chimney, but its surfaces gleam mysteriously. Golden Set


Name Selling Price Description Set
Normal Wheel 0 Rupees The Paddle that came stock on Linebeck's ship.! Linebeck Set
Paddling Wheel 50-1500 Rupees A wheel with bent paddles. It streams your ship along! Bright Set
Battle Wheel 50-1500 Rupees A wheel rumored to have been made from a battleship screw. Iron Set
Rock Wheel 50-1500 Rupees A wheel some say was made from a giant's dinner plate. Stone Set
Simple Wheel 50-1500 Rupees The number of paddles was cut to four to simplify it. Vintage Set
Insect Wheel 50-1500 Rupees A wheel made from the hollow shell of a red insect. Ewww! Demon Set
Shell Wheel 50-1500 Rupees Created from the shell of a huge snail. A mysterious design. Tropic Set
Red Wheel 50-1500 Rupees A wheel with nothing special. That is what draws many to it. Red Set
Golden Wheel 1500 Rupees An intricately carved wheel made by a brilliant artisan. Golden Set

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Ship parts by Set

Linebeck Bright Iron Stone Vintage Demon Tropic Red Golden
Prow Passable Prow Bell Prow Drill Prow Mermaid Prow Log Prow Demon Prow Tropical Prow Tourist Prow Golden Prow
Anchor Normal Anchor Bell Anchor Iron Anchor Ancient Anchor Swim Ring Sickle Anchor Shell Anchor Weighty Anchor Gem Anchor
Hull Standard Hull Bright Hull Iron Hull Stone Hull Vintage Hull Demon Ship Tropical Ship Dignified Ship Golden Hull
Cannon Eddo's Cannon Artistic Cannon Strong Cannon Ancient Cannon Meager Cannon Fear Cannon Seapony Cannon Red Cannon Golden Cannon
Handrail Simple Handrail Arch Handrail Chain Handrail Pillar Handrail Worn Handrail Spike Handrail Wood Handrail Utility Handrail Golden Handrail
Bridge Steady Bridge Restful Cabin Conning Tower Peaceful Bridge Barrel Shack Demon Prison Shell Apartment Practical Bridge Golden Bridge
Chimney Normal Chimney Elegant Chimney Parasol Chimney Stone Chimney Strange Chimney Demon Chimney Horn Chimney Tall Chimney Golden Chimney
Wheel Normal Wheel Paddling Wheel Battle Wheel Stone Wheel Simple Wheel Insect Wheel Shell Wheel Red Wheel Golden Wheel

Obtaining Ship Parts

  • The easiest way to get Ship Parts is to salvage Pirate Ships after defeating them.
  • At one point in the game, Linebeck will send Link letters containing a random ship part.
  • The Masked Ship sells rare Ship Parts.
  • Beedle's Shop Ship sells Ship Parts.
  • In the Temple of the Ocean King, if all the Phantoms on a floor are killed, a Treasure Chest will appear containing either treasure on floors from 2 to 6, a ship part on floors 7 to 9, or Rupees on floors 10 to 12. Link will also receive two random ship parts at the very bottom of the Temple of the Ocean King. The more time Link has remaining in the Phantom Hourglass when he reaches the dungeon's end will determine how valuable the ship parts are. It is possible to reach the final room with a full 25 minutes in the hourglass, albeit very challenging.
  • Mailing Prize Postcards, and "losing", the next day, if Link "lost" he will get a ship part.
  • Link can obtain rare Golden Ship Parts from Fuzo by obtaining four different Big Plays in Battle Mode.
  • Since the Ship Parts obtained are entirely random, it is possible to save the game before getting a Ship Part. If the Part obtained is not the one desired, the player can restart the game until he or she recovers the desired Ship Part.

Non-Canon Appearances

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As part of the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC, Iron and Golden Ship appear as Item Cards on the Grand Travels Map. These Item Cards temporarily grant "Captain Powers" which last for a certain number of battles.

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