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This article is about the Mini-Game. For the ability, see Shield Surfing.

Shield-Surfing is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

Link can access the Shield-Surfing Mini-Game by talking to Selmie at Selmie's Spot. When spoken to, she will offer to assist Link in refining his Shield Surfing skills.[3] If Link accepts and pays her 20 Rupee fee, she will take him outside of her cabin to begin his training.[4]

At the top of the slope, Selmie asks Link if he wants her to explain Shield Surfing.[5] She informs him that his goal is to reach the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible and that he can ride his Shield by hopping onto it in the middle of a jump.[6]

Beginner Course[]

The Beginner Course is the first course Selmie offers to Link, which is focused on the fundamentals of Shield Surfing downhill.[2][7] When running this course, she does not care if Link dismounts from his Shield at any point.[8] Link's goal is a land bridge at the other end of the Hebra Tundra.[9] Though this course is simple, Selmie believes it will help her understand Link's experience.[10] If Link is successful, she promises him a more advanced course.[11]

If Link finishes the Beginner Course in less than 45 seconds, Selmie will allow him to try a more difficult course.[12] Similarly, if Link finishes the course between one minute and 45 seconds, Selmie will ask if he is ready to move on.[13] When Link decides to push forward, Selmie instead asks what Shield Surfing means to him.[14] If Link responds that it is his life, she is disappointed in him and tells him to try the Beginner Course again.[15] Alternatively, if Link's answer is a shrug, Selmie finds wisdom in this and allows him to move on.[16]

Advanced Course[]

Upon completion of the Beginner Course, Selmie allows Link to attempt the Advanced Course.[12]For this course, Link's goal is go past the land bridge and towards a pair of Big Flags.[17] Selmie will bring Link back to the top of the hill if he ends up off-course.[18] She promises Link special Shields as a reward for beating certain times.[19][note 1]

When Link completes the Advanced Course, Selmie will give him one of the following Shields based on his time:

Time Primary reward
< 1:30 Royal Shield
1:30-2:00 Knight's Shield
2:00-2:15 Soldier's Shield
2:15-2:30 Kite Shield
2:30-2:45 Traveler's Shield
2:45-3:00 Fisherman's Shield
3:00-3:15 Emblazoned Shield
3:15-3:30 Hunter's Shield
> 3:30 Wooden Shield


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  1. If Link's Shield Inventory is full, Selmie will refuse to start the Mini-Game until he has space for one.[20]


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